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Grubby political chess

The Commons needed to focus on the horror in Gaza. Instead this was a grubby game of political chess
Polly Toynbee

The bit that Polly’s never grasped – or never allowed herself to grasp – is that all politics is such grubby chess.

Therefore politics isn’t a good way to deal with things – because the thing gets subsumed into the grubby chess playing.

15 thoughts on “Grubby political chess”

  1. OMFG, Mary Louisa seems to have identified the main issue coming out of this debacle.
    No, not the number of Pally dead – few give a fuck about that.
    Rather, voting based on fear of violence from imported incompatible cultures, might not be very good for the country.
    Next she might identify what part of society is responsible and whether large hungry carnivorous felines should be used to punish them.

  2. A part of me thinks that if the British public had acted towards their MP’s in the manner the pro Palestinian Constituents are back in the 50’s and 60’s, the third world scumbags wouldn’t be here……

  3. Violence Works is not a message that the ‘Authorities’ ought to be projecting. What else should we infer from their self-serving cries of “We’re special and need to be protected”?

  4. BiND
    Those tweets with the two pictures of the chamber get wheeled out every now and then, and they are always misleading, to the point of being deliberately deceptive. What type of debate was each one? What stage in the debate? Was there going to be a division? If the answer for left and right isn’t the same, they’re not comparable.

    There are enough legitimate reasons to criticise parliament without having to come up with silly ones.

  5. Martin Near The M25

    I can’t decide whether to go into town today and be sworn at by the foreign scum lounging on the War Memorial.

    Or maybe go into London tomorrow and watch the hamassholes beating up some Jews.

    Modern Britain is so culturally enriched.

  6. Outrage that politicians experiencing the consequences of their actions.

    Those cowed politicians will be governing us according to the tastes of their intimidators.
    We’ll experience the consequences.

  7. And which party, through a combination of its tame speaker and recently appointed enforcer, was overwhelmingly responsible for said grubby game of political chess dear Polly?

    But the Tories skewered it using arcane procedure: by putting up their own motion, the rules said that Labour’s would be knocked out

    Ever report I have read, and we all seem to be procedural experts now, states that precedent is for the government to propose an amendment to the minority party motion on Opposition Day. This means that Labour should have butted out irrespective of how politically damaging to them the SNPs plan would have been. Not arcane procedure – just standard practice.

    In other words she’s writing complete bollocks as usual.

  8. What else has Hoyle done wrong ?

    That little twat Bercow got away with murder for years, his actions over Brexit alone were worth him huying one of those metal hats Speakers used to wear.. But Hoyle is on the skids relatively quickly here

  9. Oi! That’s enough of the expression ‘grubby chess game’ !! Leave chess alone. Chess is beautiful and totally non-grubby.
    If you want to slur some game, make it ‘grubby poker’ or ‘grubby tic-tac-toe’ or ‘grubby tennis’ – but not chess!

  10. Pcar and others, this is the standard MO of moslems:
    1. Migrate
    2. Populate.
    3. Agitate (for THEIR rights).
    4. Populate some more.
    5. Dominate.

    I have been boring people about this threat since finding a copy of Ayatollah Khomeni’s ‘Little Green Book’ back in 1985. I am quite happy to tell those people “I told you so”.

  11. Actually Polly, The British Parliament should give a f*ck about Britain, not Gaza, not Palestine and not Israel…

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