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Hmm, dunno

Stephanie Glasspool said she could also hear “people having sexual intercourse”, saying this was “far beyond what one would expect in a residential family neighbourhood”.

Among the more traditionally minded the one is how you create the other – so I’d suspect that might actually associate them.

9 thoughts on “Hmm, dunno”

  1. It does appear to be just a corner of somebody’s back garden, in a residential neighbourhood of very ordinary semi-detached houses. Odd place for “glamping”.

  2. It´s actually worth looking at the website.
    It was seem from the sat image that the camping areas are actually quite a distance from the house of the proprietors & far less from the neighbours in the houses behind. And, from Streetview via the Google search, that that image is crafted to not show the proprietor´s gaff as being one of a row of closely adjoining small semi-detached houses. I´m not surprised the neighbours are getting somewhat testy.

  3. That said, I´ve been the receiver of similar complaints myself. A lawyer´s letter referencing the numbers of young women who visit me & ¨noises¨ through the walls. Well for start I make a point of knowing hordes of young attractive totty & the narrow street behind this building is generally populated by yelling arguing drunks until four of five in the morning during the season. Even three floors up, you can hear every slurred word. My large terrace where we generally socialise looks down on the noisy busy main street & is flanked by two storey walls either side. As instructed, my lawyer replied that if they desired utter peace & quiet better to go buy an isolated house out in the country & not apartments in the middle of a thriving tourist resort & any more correspondence similar will see them in court for harassment. Nothing heard since.

  4. Incidentally ¨glamping¨. One of those words been crafted to describe something otherwise quite mundane. It´s staying in a tent, isn´t it? Like staying in a caravan but without the caravan amenities. I recently came across ¨wilding holidays¨. Which apparently means staying in a tent without any amenities. The small hotel I used to stay in now describes itself as a ¨boutique hotel¨. Boutique´s a french word for shop. They have tills in the rooms now? The meal I was served in a restaurant recently on a plank of wood. WTF would anyone do that? What´s wrong with a plate? I wish these fucking people would stay in the suburbs where they belong.

  5. @BiS: These words are fads that come and go, the one that annoys me most at the moment is the term ‘wellness’ which seems to refer to holidays where yoga is is involved.

  6. Yeah Andy, but like “bucket-list” there’s only a certain sort of people use them. They reek of small, box like houses with a lease car parked on the drive.

  7. Also have to remember if you have a light on inside the tent shadows can be visible to those outside so movement is visible even if no details

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