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Idiot email

1.4 billion children globally missing out on basic social protection, according to latest data

Fewer than 1-in-10 children in low-income countries have access to child benefits, leaving them vulnerable to disease, education gaps, poor nutrition, poverty and inequality.

The International Labour Organisation is telling us that poor countries don’t pay child benefit.

Ho Hum.

7 thoughts on “Idiot email”

  1. In 1842 a minimum age of ten was introduced for boys working underground in UK mines. This caused concern for parents who needed their children’s income to feed them. No child benefit back then. It’s not really that long ago. It’s quite possible that when some elderly person was a young child they met an old person who once had to stop working in a mine because of the 1842 Mines Act.
    It takes time for populations to get rich enough to afford child benefit. Check again in a century or two.

  2. Bloke Temporarily in Moldova

    Am I missing something obvious here?

    Shurely no children have access to child benefits… It all goes to the parents…

  3. It all goes to the parents…
    Ah! That accounts for all the bearded 10 y/o’s paddling ashore in Kent. Their benefit’s being snaffled by Dad & Mum(s)

  4. Mem Sahib say that brown man is running brown man’s country in manner not to Mem Sahib’s liking.
    Mem Sahib say brown man better start doing what Mem Sahib tell him, chop chop…

    I thought all that colonial stuff was so out of fashion. It’s kinda hard to keep up.

  5. Those countries are poor not because of low wages by North Atlantic standards, which in fact gives them a killer advantage in manufacturing fashion, personal electronics and gadgetry. They are poor thanks to the ILO and others of their political persuasion, fucking up the economy as hard as they can go so that we’re all poor together.

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