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If even judges can spot it……

Judges have raised concerns that some “unquestioning” church leaders are being “duped” by insincere asylum seekers converting to Christianity to avoid deportation.

A series of judicial decisions have highlighted examples of clergymen and lay leaders failing to query the motives of purported converts whose asylum applications they have agreed to support.

This isn’t, not really, specific to asylum and or religion. It’s to do with any set of rules. There always will be people who try it on. Therefore those who set the rules – and those who police them – must be awake to hte possibility of it being tried on. They’re not. The ruling class seems to think that having rulz is all that is necessary, everyone will obey them.

That’s why they get surprised when increasing landfill charges mean flytipping. Think that increasing tax rates will lead to a straight line increase in tax collected. Why fools think that banning vapes will lead to no vaping instead of smuggling.

They make rules for humans without thinking through what humans will do.

17 thoughts on “If even judges can spot it……”

  1. Isn’t it likely that Christian churches are now getting so desperate for new members that even people pretending to be Christians will do?

  2. “They make rules for humans without thinking through what humans will do.”

    Oh no, you’re 100% wrong. They know exactly what will happen when they introduce new rules and they don’t care, because the rules aren’t there to stop whatever it is they are trying to nominally stop, the rules are there to control everyone else. Its why you get people being fined for collecting rubbish in their street and putting it in a public bin, people fined for throwing bread for ducks, but pikeys can tip van loads of waste wherever they like with impunity. The laws are there top control the masses not be imposes on criminals.

  3. As always, passing an exam does not prove you are capable, just proves you can pass an exam. As shown by the clear example that road traffic accidents are impossible, because everybody who drives has a piece of paper showing they know how to drive.

  4. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    This is a deliberate act by the communist led CoE, who don’t really believe in an actual God other than Marx. We need another Henry VIII.

  5. You’d think they’d have noticed it when the window tax led to people bricking them up to reduce their tax bill. Can we get ‘Incentives matter’ tattooed on every newly elected/appointed official?

  6. I wonder what percentage of these converts are young men aged between 18 & 35.

    I wonder how many of them ever enter a church, other than for reasons of criminality, after being baptised.

    I would wonder if any of them subsequently engage in distinctly unchristian behaviours up to and including murder which question the validity of their newly discovered belief. However, in this instance there’s no need to wonder.

  7. “ Isn’t it likely that Christian churches are now getting so desperate for new members that even people pretending to be Christians will do?”

    In the CoE they are known as the clergy.

  8. My understanding is that Islam allows for lying to non-believers and even pretending to convert so the civil service should be skeptical of all conversion claims, though given they celebrated World Hijab Day will also allowing being forced to wear a hijab as grounds for persecution in an asylum claim I’m surprised they don’t have fonts and a vicar on hand offering instant baptism during asylum interviews.
    The recent article by an immigration officer showed how they are just waving people through

  9. I know the C of E very well, and have no doubt that many in it would lie in order to let Abdul live in this country. Some would do it because they believe Abdul to be an innocent, capable of integrating and making a contribution to the UK, if only the racists would stop persecuting Abdul. Others definitely want to bring down our culture and sow disorder.

    Both are, for the time being, luxury beliefs.

  10. These asylum seekers aren’t “trying it on” – they’re following the rules to the letter. The rule says Christian converts can’t be deported, so they convert. The letter of the rule says you must have spent X number of hours in Bible study class to prove it, so they’ll spend X hours (and not one hour more). It’s the rule which is at fault here.

    I don’t know what rule could separate genuine converts from fakers. Perhaps we shouldn’t accept conversion as a factor for asylum at all.

  11. I don’t know what rule could separate genuine converts from fakers.

    How about the pint & a bacon butty test in the sacristy?

  12. A whistleblower from immigration services said they have had people trying the I’m gay so will be persecuted line admit it’s not true in interviews as they are so disgusted by homosexuality and can’t go through with even saying it, obviously pretending to be Christian is easier route.
    Cut and paste claims from immigration lawyers and advocates also need to be rejected automatically

  13. TMB

    Not convinced it would work. Some of them would probably enjoy bacon butties and a pint, but – it’s verboten.

    “Ah, so I just have to lie to the infidel (quite legitimately and for the cause) and then I also regularly get to enjoy BBs and a pint? Gosh, yes, that’s going to be really tough – where do I sign up…”

    At this point, Baldrick has a cunning plan, and you never know …..

  14. I know someone (‘White British’) who converted to Islam in order to marry a Muslim lass. He’s taken it seriously, been on Hajj and everything, but had to be circumcised. Now that’s going to put off anyone who wanted to ‘fake it’.

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