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Immigrants are pushing up house prices!

However, the Saunders were still baffled by the policy itself. “What on earth is the council doing forcing people to sell their houses – and even an empty house is owned by someone – so that asylum seekers can live in them?” said Jose. “The answer to this is to stop them coming in the first place, not to force people out of their homes.”

The incident was seized upon by the Reform UK Party, whose candidate in Thursday’s Wellingborough by-election, Ben Habib, heard about the case.

Mr Habib, who is also the party’s co-deputy leader, said: “I was horrified to hear the plight of Mr and Mrs Saunders.

‘It is utterly shocking that the council would fire off a letter like that to two elderly people. And do so with the aim of buying a £200,000 house for asylum seekers. This from a council that is as good as bust and has never filed consolidated accounts since it was established in 2021.”

It comes after The Telegraph revealed on Tuesday that the Home Office has quietly built up a stock of 16,000 properties for asylum seekers despite acute shortages of homes for young workers and families.

Contractors working for the Home Office are offering landlords five-year guaranteed full rent deals to take over the management of properties as they race to transfer asylum seekers out of hotels.

It’s impossible that house prices not go up as a result of this policy.

21 thoughts on “Immigrants are pushing up house prices!”

  1. The letter said the council was seeing a “considerable increase” in positive immigration decisions being made in favour of asylum seekers, mainly single men, and the authority was “struggling” to source suitable accommodation for them.

    Stamping on the property rights of the native population in order to house (at the expense of said natives) illiterate rapey moochers from the world’s shittest violent dumps. Another marvellous tale of failed state Britain.

    BTW, the CEO of “as good as bust” North Northamptonshire Council is paid £176,000 pa.

  2. Another huge open goal totally missed by the so-called ‘Conservatives’. Reform won’t win the next election, but I hope it takes every seat it challenges in Tory-held areas.

  3. Another case where the bad party “seize” an opportunity caused by the good side.

    “The incident was seized upon by the Reform UK Party”

  4. If only Sunak could find somebody to stop the Royal Navy making sure they get here safely.
    If only Sunak could find someone who could stop the DWP paying them money.
    If only Sunak could find somebody who would make them pay for their healthcare.
    If only…
    I’m bored now.

  5. It was only recently that I discovered that states do not have any responsibility to house asylum seekers – just *process* them. All accommodation provision is a *CHOICE* a government makes. So, the government could *CHOOSE* to *NOT* accommodate them, leave them to their own means, just like every other person entering this country since forever.

    “But they don’t have any means, they’ll starve on the streets!”
    Are there no charities, no good-minded people who will put their own hand in their own pocket AS HAPPENED IN THE PAST SINCE FOREVER.

    The people fleeing the Nazis in the 1930s/40s did not receive any government support. Charities, religious groups, family, they supported them, not the government. Similarly previous generations of Jews, previous generations of Hugenauts, previous generations of Poles, previous generations of Italians. IT IS NOT THE DUTY OF THE GOVERNMENT TO PROVIDE HOUSING AND A LIVING.

    You could argue “but, they’ve “broken into” the country, they’re criminals! Lock ’em up!”
    Not until due process has convicted them, they’re not. At that point, sentence them to incarceration if you want, but the better solution would be to sentence them to expulsion.

  6. Bloke Temporarily in Moldova

    Not until due process has convicted them, they’re not. At that point, sentence them to incarceration if you want, but the better solution would be to sentence them to expulsion.

    Expel them? They’ll just come back and claim asylum again, spend more months in processing getting money and accommodation off us mugs tax payers for free.

    Conscript them and Send them to Ukraine front lines. Give them a few days training, then paratroop them in on the front lines to fight the Evil* Russians. Only provide a rifle on the way out the plane, they can train with a broom like the Germans do.
    It gives them a chance to show how much they love this country and as an added bonus really shows that Evil* Vlad how serious we really are about opposing him. Win win.

    *Or so the propaganda tells me

  7. The purpose of the ‘British’ government is to steal your property via taxation, and then use your stolen property to fund your replacement by Third World migrants and also hurt you in other ways.

    If you don’t like that, tough. Everybody who matters agrees that you’re not going to be allowed to have a car, central heating, or a country.

    So important we defeat Russia, guys.

  8. Just say if you enter the UK illegally you will never get permanent status – so if you want to go home you will have to pay people smugglers to come back here.
    That would make France etc a lot more attractive than us.

    Also let illegals work but make them pay more tax and not get benefits.

  9. Conscript them? No. That’s slavery. However, I am a full believer in citizenship in return for state service, and military service is a perfectly valid form of state service. Want to settle in the UK? 30 years service, as per the Gurhkas and the Romans.

  10. I don’t really understand how non-citzens get benefits, a system set up by citizens for citizens. My wife had “no recourse to public funds” in her passport, which wasn’t recinded until she became a citizen, which wasn’t possible until she’d been here seven years clean living.

  11. You could argue “but, they’ve “broken into” the country, they’re criminals! Lock ’em up!”
    Not until due process has convicted them, they’re not.

    As with the US southern border, this attitude needs to change. It’s an invasion, they need to be detained and incarcerated (preferably outside the country) upon interception, with a view to permanent expulsion in the absence of any qualifying attribute to stay.

    It’s proven; this is what worked for Australia. Once news gets back that they’re never getting in, they stop coming.

  12. “Also let illegals work but make them pay more tax and not get benefits.”

    A government could legislate for this, but the State apparatus does the actual doling out of money. And they would ignore the law, and those charged with upholding the law would ignore them ignoring the law. Just as they do today.

  13. Boy, 16, is stabbed to death ‘by two cyclists wearing masks’ in Bristol

    It’s every day, now. Pay attention to what the locals are saying, and also their names:

    Locals have today described their horror at the latest Bristol stabbing.

    Hamdi, 38, is a mother and a resident in Ronsley park, the large housing estate directly next to the park.

    She said: ‘My three-year-old daughter came running into the house last night, she had just been to the shop at 6pm – she comes running and and shouting, ‘Mummy, mummy there is something happening over in the park’.

    ‘I shut the door and then a couple hours later I hear that there has been a stabbing.

    ‘Even at 2pm yesterday there were boys there with hoogies.

    ‘Bullies come here regularly, they used to sit here in the park as a group, selling drugs, but moved on somewhere – I don’t know where.

    ‘There are children, my children, seeing this everyday, it is horrible.

    Shaif Shahbaaz, 26, said: ‘We just heard a lot of noise this morning, ambulance, police – all sorts.

    ‘Are police actually going to take action this time though? Or just leave it and not solve it. I never see the seriousness of the police in this country.’

    Speaking from the scene, Moore Ibraheem, 56, of St. Paul’s, who has six children, said: ‘This is very sad, especially for the kids.

    ‘I feel incredibly sad – one of my boys is 19, I had to call him and tell him to check the news and read about this, because they are of such similar age.

    ‘It’s very shocking and I really worry for my sons’.

    Abdiaseez Osman, 29, lives in Easton, and volunteers at the local mosque in St Paul’s and down the road in Stapleton.

    The father-of-three helps to run workshops at the mosque to safeguard children, and lead community outreach sessions in the local area to help kids come off the streets.

    He said: ‘We want to prevent these kids from ailment, from using drugs to selling them and prevent a safe haven for them – when they have no where else to go.

  14. Bloke Temporarily in Moldova


    And then they are surprised when people don’t want to join up and fight for the country.
    I don’t recognise it and sure as shit I’m not going to fight for it – and I’m premium age for call up for conscription. Lol.
    All the young illegals can go get slaughtered for it since they love it so much and it seems run for their benefit.

  15. Thanks Steve,

    That ticked at least half a dozen boxes – although I was very impressed with the three year old…..

  16. BTiM – It’s discouraging, but I’m glad you don’t sound discouraged.

    We will still be here when Clown World is not. Your life belongs to you, and not the British state.

    PF – I know, right? Mad props to the guy suggesting that mosques can prevent violence tho.

    But Allah things are possible I suppose.

  17. This could be the only thing that swings it for Scottish independence eventually.
    Not hating the english, the scots are generally sensible people and grateful for the good bits of union.
    It’s hating what the english are becoming.
    If the SNP became an overtly nationalist party, rather than one that wants to surrender asylum quotas to the EU they could do better. The policy should be: Workers and students welcome, those coming to get benefits, be criminals or marry cousins not allowed. And as a newly independent country they wouldn’t be signed up to any UN conventions yet so can avoid the stupid ones. And campaign for Norway support for refugees i.e. sending aid to refugee camps in Turkey etc which by Norwegian accounts means you can support 8* the number of refugees per krone than supporting them here.
    Imv of course

  18. By the way Bloke Temporarily in Moldova are they issuing you all with pointy sticks in case the Russians invade ?

  19. Bloke Temporarily in Moldova

    No. No pointy stick issuing going on here.

    Though half the population here would welcome the Russians. Can’t do a worse job than the current administration.
    Even if they wanted to, the Moldovans couldn’t put up much of a fight. They only have a small military and no money.
    In the unlikely event Russia suddenly has an aneurysm and decides it wants Moldova, it would just surrender. Or you’d see Romanian troops pouring in, pretending to be Moldovan.
    Can’t say anyone here seems that bothered about it. Thankfully Most of the Ukrainians have left now, so the sense of immediacy isn’t as strong.

  20. Reading the article cited, it says “Since NNC formed in 2021, no properties have been purchased by CPO.” so I think a more accurate assesment is that it is extremely possible that this policy will have no effect on house prices. It is, hiowever, exactly the sort of policy that can be exploited by the usual racists and xenophobes to indulge in the usual scaremongering.

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