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No, no, not me

Samuel Pearson assaults police officer with hammer

45-year-old Samuel Eugene Pearson swung a hammer at the residents of a Rock Creek Trace Drive home on January 29th. Officers arrived and tried to speak with Pearson, but he was uncooperative. He opened the door, saw the police officers, and tried to close the door quickly. Officer Worstall attempted to keep the door open when Pearson hit Worstall’s right index finger with a hammer. Pearson was taken into custody for the assault of an officer.

One of the Nashville Worstalls. Possibly a cadet branch descended from the clan based upon the Ohio/Pennsylvania border.

4 thoughts on “No, no, not me”

  1. Swannypol

    Unless PC Worstall had clearly *proven* his identity (as bona fide plod) prior to that incident, 100%. Any burglar/attacker can dress up as a police officer; one has no obligation to let such ruffians in…

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