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Not just aspiring rappers then

Both Washington and Jordan were well known to Mizell, who prosecutors said was killed in a business dispute over a lucrative deal to distribute cocaine in Baltimore, Maryland.

Washington was a childhood friend, and Jordan was Mizell’s godson. All of them grew up in the same neighbourhood in the New York City borough of Queens.

In the 1980s, Mizell and his Run-DMC bandmates helped usher hip hop into the mainstream with hits including It’s Tricky and Walk This Way, with rock group Aerosmith.

In their lyrics and stage shows, they were known to advocate against illegal narcotics. The group even recorded a “Just Say No!” anti-drug public service announcement in the late 1980s for the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

8 thoughts on “Not just aspiring rappers then”

  1. Shouldn’t they be let off?
    Surely being vicious murderous thugs is caused by the white man oppressing them?
    In fact, they should be compensated for their lack of privilege.

  2. I’ve never bought drugs from black chappies, tho of course I have been offered drugs by them.

    If you’re a druggy, you ideally want a nice middle class drug dealer to sell you the kind of gear Waitrose wouldn’t be ashamed to sell you, and make it a pleasant and repeatable fair exchange. Not Boyz n the Hood.

    Perhaps that’s why these chaps never seem to make very much money selling drugs. They’re not exactly Tony Montana, are they?

    I’m still searching for those drug dealers who give out free samples “to get you hooked” (lol) btw. Phil Redmond promised me they exist in Grange Hill.

  3. Grange Hill was from the fetid BBC imagination where dealers give the product away and cannabis is a gateway drug to instant heroin addiction.

    I’ve bought from black dealers and they are as unreliable as you can imagine. We had one try to flog us Oxo cube (or similar), then get arsey when we told him we weren’t buying it. Apparently, once the “deal is done” you have to pay the twat despite him not holding up his end of the bargain.

  4. I never listened much to ‘rap’ but Run DMC’s ‘walk this way’ with aerosmith was excellent, and ‘its like that, that’s the way it is’ was even better, though I cannot explain why, but it sure rang my bell.

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