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Now this is fascinating

The brains of men and women operate differently, scientists have shown for the first time in a breakthrough that shows sex does matter in how people think and behave.

‌The issue of whether male and female brains are distinct has proven controversial, with some academics arguing it is society – rather than biology – that shapes divergence.

‌There has never been any definitive proof of difference in activity in the brains of men and women, but Stanford University has shown that it is possible to tell the sexes apart based on activity in “hotspot” areas.

‌They include the “default mode network”, an area of the brain thought to be the neurological centre for “self”, and is important in introspection and retrieving personal memories.

‌The limbic system is also implicated, which helps regulate emotion, memory and deals with sexual stimulation, and striatum, which is important in habit forming and rewards.

‌Experts said the brain differences could influence how males and females view themselves, how they interact with other people and how they recall past experiences.

‌Dr Vinod Menon, prof of psychiatry and behavioural sciences at Stanford, said: “This is a very strong piece of evidence that sex is a robust determinant of human brain organisation.”‌

So, we can now test for anyone who says they’re in the wrong body.

Hands up those who think that those who insist on the possibility of the wrong body thesis will accept the utility of the test in, erm, testing it?

18 thoughts on “Now this is fascinating”

  1. Of course, to make this convincing (not to me, but to those who really want to argue) you need to do the tests on infants who have not (yet) been “socialised into their assigned gender roles”.

  2. What makes anyone think that this will not go the way of all the scientific evidence that proves climate change is predominantly natural?

    Expect ad Homs and character assassination in 3, 2, 1……..

  3. I doubt whether people who are prepared to dispute the evidence of their own underpants are likely to succumb to tiny willy in the head arguments.

  4. Has anyone suggested getting a male to female transer and a female to male transer and switching their brains over? There might be teething troubles, but at least it would shut the fuckers up one way or the other.

  5. Academics have previously argued that it is society rather than biology that influences divergence

    Academics lie a lot, but Gell-Mann Amnesia isn’t just for the papers. It was always preposterous to claim sex is a social construct.

    Biology constructs society, not t’other way around.

  6. As observed by Dr Jekyll, biologically active chemicals affect brain function – just look outside any pub after chucking-out time. A brain soaking in testosterone will behave differently to a brain functioning in oestrogen.

  7. The simplest test is to confront them with a thermostat. If they quickly select a comfortable temperature they are male. If they turn in to maximum (because they feel cold) or minimum (because they feel hot) they are female. They will then continue to fiddle with the thermostat and possibly open windows trying to manually achieve what the thermostat will do on its own.

  8. Thermostats, during a recent hospital stay:

    Me: “It’s awfully warm, nurse”. The obliging lass vanishes. Returns.

    “Yes, the heating’s set to 28 but I’ve switched the aircon on so it’ll be cooler soon.”

    I dare say the NHS declares itself to be committed to Net Zero.

  9. Simply begin any manual task in order to establish sex. If they say you’re doing it wrong, they are female.

  10. My favoured test is to get someone to talk to them about shoes.

    If they’re still listening after 10 minutes- female.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    Ask them to load a dishwasher. If you can rearrange it at the end and more than double the load you’ve found a female brain.

  12. In my experience the people complaining about cold offices are the ones dressed in little whisps of drapery, not the ones dressed for the climate.

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