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Portland is worth a mass

Forty asylum seekers on the Bibby Stockholm barge are converting to Christianity amid growing fears that migrants are claiming to have changed their religion in order to stay in the country.

Given that most do wear their religion lightly why not? After all, you’ve already walked over Europe, swum the Channel, why not put up with the occasional CoE sermon – the greatest of those tortures – to get to stay here?

22 thoughts on “Portland is worth a mass”

  1. From Wikipedia:

    Hiding one’s beliefs has been a feature of Islam since its earliest days, and is acknowledged by Muslims of virtually all persuasions.[7] However, the use of taqiyya varies, especially between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Sunni Muslims gained political supremacy over time and therefore only occasionally found the need to practice taqiyya. On the other hand, the minority Shia communities developed taqiyya as an instinctive method of self-preservation and protection in hostile environments.

    These people are NOT converting. They’re hiding their belief for, as Wikipedia puts it, “pious ends”. Throw ’em out.

  2. It’s good to have the government confirm that Christianity is a superior system of morality than the Cult of Mo the Kiddie Fiddler. Why else would it matter which particular sky fairy you paid obeisance to?

  3. DocBud nothing to do with comparative religion as such but the fact that apostates are sentenced to death in Islam which is a perfect reason to be granted Asylum

  4. So I understand, Arthur, although sentencing people to death for leaving your cult does suggest a barbaric cult with no morals.

  5. It would be interesting to compare the numbers of asylum-seekers converting from Islam to Christianity with the numbers of Muslims already settled here and at no risk of deportation.

    Not that anyone is at risk of deportation, but you know what I mean.

  6. It’s pretty annoying for those who do genuinely convert. The home office, in its usual manner, is unable to even attempt to tell the difference in a useful way. I heard of someone who was asked in their are-you-genuine interview recently “what colour is the bible?” and other such nonsense.

  7. It is traditional for converts to christianity to celebrate their spiritual rebirth by throwing acid at their new co-religionists.

  8. In the good old days (200AD) Christians would rather be thrown to the lions than even pretend to convert.

    Modern version was getting duffed over in Glasgow or Belfast.

  9. A trifle OT.

    I’m not sure I agree with the UK government forbidding bosses hiring illegal immigrants.

    After all, one of the things I dislike about illegals is that I!!!!! am supposed to subsidise them. If they’re all condemned to hard, menial labour, my prejudices might be diminished.

  10. Why not let them convert to Christianity then, as they can already speak the language, send them to shitholeistan as missionaries?

  11. I know ! I know !

    We draft them onto the Army ( has to be the Infantry ), give them the old rubbish SLR80s. Send them to Shitholistan. They desert and then discover that their rifles don’t work.

    Trebles all round !

  12. If the international lawyers rule out deportation, feed the converts yummy haram sandwiches and send them to Lambeth Palace instead.

  13. Have you noticed that the only time the ‘British’ government does anything for Christians, it’s for Muslims?

  14. There are no Christian churches presumably between Belgrade and Calais where a traveller could pop in, meet a priest and convert.
    It’s only when they get to Dorset the thought that the Koran isn’t the literal and perfect word of our Creator occurs to them.
    Grant ’em 5 year work permitted visas stamped NRTPF.

  15. Bongo – to be fair, their cousins have already burned down a substantial proportion of the Christian churches that used to operate in France.

    We’re whistling past the graveyard on immigration. And some “youths” have just desecrated the graveyard. ‘Conservative’ MPs, on hearing about the latest migrant acid atrocity, instinctively defend the acid-throwing migrant.

    Um, help? This situation is becoming worse than losing WW2 would have been, but it’s treated with less seriousness than a Wednesday episode of This Morning with whatever TV presenters haven’t been done for noncing this week.

  16. Presumably part of the test of their new found faith should be a big round of bacon sarnies every day for the new converts, eaten in full view of all their former co-religionists?

  17. I would suggest a simple test: Baptism in the afternoon – and before the ceremony, they have to have a ham sandwich and a beer (non non-alcoholic, of course) for lunch!

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