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Where the telephone company doesn’t have a telephone number on its website.

17 thoughts on “Portugal”

  1. 20 years since I was there so difficult.

    1) Slightly up the hill from the main square used to be a Welsh sweetie shop. Which made double dipped (white and dark chocco) strawberries. Worth looking out for.

    2) The bus/taxi to Cabo de Rocha. Westernmost point of mainland Europe. Pretty view, get a signed card (for €) saying you’ve been to westernmost point etc.

  2. Just been on the blower to Parcelfarce. Have a delivery from outside Uk so it’s been stopped because I need to pay customs charges.
    Great – go on the website, only to find that I need a17 digit number, which isn’t accessible with my tracking details because it’s only included with the package itself, which they can’t deliver yet until the charges have been paid.

  3. Bloke near Worcester

    ‘No good having the phone company’s number if your phone doesn’t work. Totally logical.’

    Indeed…. a couple of days ago I tried to ring Shell (yes, that Shell) to report a problem with my broadband. Managed to find a number, which when connected a message told me that the ‘answers to many broadband problems can be found on our website…’

    And when you do get through all they do is raise a case with OpenReach, as do most other ISPs

  4. rk

    If that was the only way of initiating a phone call, then yes, sure…. (and of course ditto data for broadband)


    “And when you do get through all they do is raise a case with OpenReach”

    Whatever the ISP does next, if it’s a broadband issue (rather than something like noise on the copper line), one has to make that first contact with the ISP, that’s where the contract commitment lies. Hence, still need a reliable/robust way to contact them..:)

  5. @BlokeInBrum i bought some jewellery from USA, duty to pay, they delivered then DHL billed me for the import tax, I delayed and they set an agency on me. I tried to pay DHL directly, they had three reference numbers on the letter they sent me, NONE of them worked on their website so I paid the debt agency instead ( presumably they had to give a proportion to the debt agency).

  6. If I owned my own telephone company, my number would be 1.

    That’s it. Just 1. My people would find a way to make it work.

  7. BT have just droped me a mail to tel me tat soon I will be “converted” to have only VoIP and run my phone on broadband.

    The downside is that it is impossible to make a call of any kind if the router dies or there is a power cut.

    I have to admit that the most basic function of calling 999 or the operator being denied me is extremely irritating. What if I decied that I don’t want to pay for broadband anymore ?

    This also has the effect of me no longer wanting to use BT, because they no longer provide a basic service.

  8. The downside is that it is impossible to make a call of any kind if the router dies or there is a power cut.

    Bought two Universal Power Supplies recently after a power cut, one for each side of the apartment and including the router. When I turned the mains power off to test how long they last, I still had Internet albeit only for about 20 minutes while the UPS drained.

    Not sure if this would still work if the local substation went out though.

  9. If I recall correctly, most cell towers have a backup in case the power goes out, however I think it’s only for a very limited duration.

  10. Bloke in Moldova (Temporarily)

    @John Galt

    Be careful with UPSs.
    It’s possible for faults to occur that will give you a mains level belt of electricity that the usual safety systems on house wiring won’t be able to do anything to stop.

    Just a PSA.

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