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Really quite astonishing

Yes, Yes, I know, we all make fun of Facebook because it’s for us elederly types now – the cool kids are elsewhere etc.

And yet:

Meta revealed close to half the world’s population has signed up to join the social media empire, with nearly 4bn people now using at least one of its apps on a regular basis.

Mr Zuckerberg also announced the social network giant, which turns 20 this month,

One company reaches half of humanity as its customer base in only 20 years?

That’s really pretty fucking impressive, isn’t it?

14 thoughts on “Really quite astonishing”

  1. How long did it take for “the telephone” to reach half the global population, or “the concept of not shitting in your water source”, or “writing”?

  2. I think the Wheel is overrated.

    My Ig timeline seems to consist of tanks, battleships and young ladies teaching me how to layer for winter. I really can’t complain

  3. Hardly an original observation, I know, but half of humanity are not Facebook’s _customer_ base…

    cattle perhaps…

  4. Many might have an account, but hardly ever use it. Like me. Others might have multiple accounts. Usage is a better metric than just accounts. Maybe that’s why they are highlighting the more impressive figures.

  5. I find FB to be very useful for co-ordinating village activities and communicating with other members of our pensioners’ association. And there’s a few people I only communicate with using Messenger. But, other than that, I stay away.

  6. Ah Chris… But then you use Facebook as originally intended… As a tool to keep in touch with (a) group(s) of people..

    How oldfashioned… 😉

    And honestly… Between WhatsApp and Messenger I have been able to ditch two of the three portophones I used to have to lug around at the two major events I Sparkie at.
    Now it’s just a single dual-channel, my own mobile, the orga mobile, and the Indestructible Nokia Brick that should never, ever go off.

  7. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Meta revealed close to half the world’s population has signed up to join the social media empire, with nearly 4bn people now using at least one of its apps on a regular basis.

    If not independently verified, I call bullshit. Mark Zuckerberg would happily diddle a porcupine if you gave him $10, which means he’d happily lie to anyone about how many people actually use Meta’s apps on a regular basis.

    The fact that he’s turning Meta into a dividend play tells you the days of Wine and Roses have come to an end.

  8. Dennis, Lover of Mankind

    Signed up for Facebook many years ago and within 24 hours got a friend request from someone purporting to be a young blond woman that had, if the picture accompanying the request was accurate, really large, firm breasts. And evidently, her idea of proper attire for meeting a stranger was to dress as though she was an employee at Hooter’s.

    As Dennis is not, nor ever has been, attractive to good-looking young women (blond or not) with really large, firm breasts (or not), it appeared things might not be as they seem. I decided to close my Facebook account and concentrate on weeding out those I dislike face to face, rather than using Facebook to meet more people I will end up wanting out of my life. Can’t say I’ve regretted my decision.

    When you already know far more people than you want to, Facebook isn’t what you need in your life.

  9. Re Dennis’s observation:
    Prompted by this post I thought I’d look at my own FB page.* Opened sometime in the mid-noughties. Only thing ever posted on it, a single image of some abstract art. Although the messenger facility been used a few times when accessing a local Buy&Sell page.
    Nevertheless, I seem to have acquired a list of friends down the right hand side. None I’ve ever heard of.
    Is the centre column of one’s home page what people call their “timeline”. (There’s nothing called that in the menu) Because I’ve got similar to Dennis. Photos of pneumatic (very) women. Mostly in the US or for some reason Mexico.

    *Took remembering the username, then the details of a long disused freemail acccount for password recovery. Heaven knows last time I visited FB. Certainly not on this 4 year old desktop. Logins for crap get saved.
    There can’t be any bleedover from my Whatsapp accounts(several). I never crosslink anything. Not even with common e-mail addresses.

  10. FB ‘friends’ scams are getting smarter. I’ve had several for a former work colleague, quite plausible, except he sadly died last year.

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