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Say Hello to Dearieme

Dearieme is known, in that online personality, to all of us here. And at other places around the internet – Marginal Revolution comes to mind where I’ve sometimes considered leaving a comment but found that Dearieme got there earlier, better and more pithily than I can manage.

From comments here you might know that he’s been ill recently.

Privately he’s said that this has been serious. Significantly so.

So, just one of those little things if you please. Just say “‘Allo” to Dearieme and a little wish for the best?

Despite the fact that he’s spent two decades telling me that my parents were wrong for not sending me to Ampleforth.

65 thoughts on “Say Hello to Dearieme”

  1. Blimey.

    Good luck.

    Although, recently, this very evening in fact, had good news from people who had serious things. So there’s that.

  2. I’m sure that I’ve been on the receiving end of his “Pithy” wit somewhere on the interwebs. Nevertheless, I hope he makes a speedy recovery and puts me straight once more!

  3. I hope he’s OK, but, as my brother-in-law went to Ampleforth, I know it’s a den of priestly depravity and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
    God is not mocked, but the institutions pretending to serve Him are evil.

  4. Best wishes to Dearieme. As we get older, we more frequently get bad news about friends or good acquaintances diagnosed with progressive or even terminal conditions. “Get well soon”, admirable though the sentiment may be, doesn’t really work. “Let’s hope it turns out not to be as bad as the quacks expect” is the best I’ve managed to come up with.

    PS he’s right about Ampleforth 🙂

  5. Dearieme is searingly Caledonian, and for that reason I’ve enjoyed reading his comments for many years.

    I will be saying many superstitious Romish prayers for you, DM.

    Keep your chin up. x

  6. I am sorry to hear that, dearieme. Thinking of you here. But please do your very best to keep hanging around. Your wit & charm would be sorely missed.

  7. Gah!

    Yes, as the various bits age the likelihood of Bad Things increases annoyingly.

    So please accept best wishes for the best o’outcomes, Dearieme.

  8. One of the good guys, and someone I enjoy reading.

    Agree with Chris Miller’s sentiment: not sure what can be said, except for hoping to keep him with us a while longer.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Best wishes dearime, I’ve always enjoyed your comments and interventions even when I’ve been on the (usually deserved) wrong end of them.

    But more importantly you’ve regularly dispensed wise personal advice which has been very much appreciated.

  10. I can’t but echo other’s best wishes and comment that dearime has been a wise and valuable correspondent on this and other blogs (such as Monevator)

  11. Best wishes from the Great White North, Dearieme! I do hope you return to full strength, with no lingering effects.

  12. All the best, sir. To develop Baldric, write your name on a bullet and then shoot the fat lady with it.

  13. Hello Dearime. Get well soon.

    @Tim I read this far “Despite the fact that he’s spent two decades telling me that my parents were wrong for not…” and expected it to end with “…using birth control.” 🙂

  14. I had wondered if the dearime here was the same as at Marginal Revolution

    In any case, hope you get well soon good Sir

  15. I’ve always enjoyed reading Dearieme’s contributions, and did notice when he was a bit quiet recently.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  16. Dearieme, say NO to Death and tell him to turn your lifetimer over, Mistress Weatherwax style.

  17. @dearieme

    Master of the pithy comment, I do hope you make a full recovery and can return to telling us all why we are wrong soon,!

  18. Good luck lad. You seem to have been commenting on all the blogs I’ve been reading this past twenty odd years.

  19. Sorry to hear that news, and all best wishes for dearieme – a swift recovery, and robust good health! Dearieme shows up farily frequently at Craig Pirrong’s blog (StreetwiseProfessor) – always reasonable and readable. I hope for the best.

  20. The first time I heard the word dearieme was when my late mother pronounced:

    Oh dearieme,
    My mother caught a flea,
    She peppered it and salted it and had it for her tea.

    Of course, my mother and myself were/are from the same place as our Dearieme – the Royal Burgh of Annan, aka the centre of the known universe. IIRC our Dearieme was once a patient of my late uncle, an Annan dentist, another pupil of Annan Academy.

    Wishing you all the best – I’ll have a wee dram for you later today.

  21. @dearieme

    Nothing to add to all the other comments, except for the best of wishes for a speedy recovery from the flooded Levels.

  22. Dearieme — yours are amongst the comments and pithy remarks I read the most carefully in my wanderings round selected blogs. So sorry to hear you’ve not been well; very best wishes to you and your family, and do please get yersel’ back in here soonest.

  23. had noticed you had gone quiet for a while. Your contributions are always worth attention, hope to read many more.

  24. Just one more voice wishing Dearieme the very best and thanking him for his witty and perceptive comments.

  25. Dearieme I can only echo the comments and well-wishes above. May this be only a passing embuggerance!

  26. Wretched BT internet connection means only back online now – anyway, aside from wondering why people like Murphy, Owen Jones, Ash Sarkar and others whom should be stricken horrendously by divine retribution for the evil they encourage suffer from no apparent ill while the ‘Good guys’ suffer Job- like burdens. There’s no justice.

    Like dcardno I also value Dearieme’s insight at the ‘Streetwise professor’ blog. I wish him a speedy recovery and all the best

  27. Dear, Dearie, Dearieme, Dearie, my best Cheery wishes to and hopes for you Dearie.

    [conveyed in the voice of a very pissed Reverend I M Jolly}

  28. Having watched the shenanigans resulting from the Rochdale by-election it would be a masterpiece of crap timing should you decide to “shrug off your mortal coil” just as things are getting “interesting” (in the Chinese Curse version).

    Hang in there old bean – we need your accurate and insightful sniping from the sidelines.

  29. Never like telling people to “get well soon” – sounds rather imperative and you don’t even know if the poor sod can comply with it.

    I’ll say this, though: be comfortable, or best as you can manage. You’ve been around long enough, you deserve it.

    Also to second what @BiND said, politics aside you’ve dispensed for free a lot of first-rate personal advice over the years. I hope it continues some time yet.

  30. Sorry to hear you are/have been ill and wish you a complete (and preferably speedy) recovery.
    I’ve been missing your comments but that’s not the only reason to wish you better.

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