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Nikki Haley’s long-shot campaign to be the Republican presidential nominee suffered an embarrassing blow on Monday night when she failed to win the party’s Nevada primary election — despite being the only viable candidate in the field.

The former South Carolina governor, 52, finished second behind “none of these candidates”

That’s a joke that’s going to follow her for a long, long, time.

34 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. Yes, I’m surprised that is a thing on elections anywhere. It’s really the answer that no politician wants to acknowledge.

  2. According to the Beeb’s website, the Republican Party has declared the election result to be “non-binding” as it strongly disapproved of the “none of the above” option being put on the ballot paper at the instigation of the Governor.

    There’s a surprise! The “official party” apparatchiks not liking the plebs being given an option to show their distaste of the candidates on offer and the party in general.

  3. Now you see why the BBC paid everybody’s favourite weirdo politician who looks like a child with an ageing disease (Rory Stewart) to narrate a documentary on the supposed evils of Julius Caesar.

    Caesar, you see, was one of them bloody populists who must be banned from politics, for fear of their popularity. Our would-be Cato the Doesn’t Look Younger obviously identifies with the Optimates, i.e. the insufferably gay losers who were running the Roman Empire into the ground.

  4. The Republican Party’s Nevada caucus takes place tomorrow. President Trump is expected to be declared the Party’s Presidential candidate.

  5. A shame in some ways as I think she is more likely to beat Biden than Trump.
    If I were a Republican that would be my main criteria.

  6. “She should look on the bright side. “Second to none!” has potential as a campaign slogan.”

    Badoom, tish! That wasn’t bad.

  7. I once campaigned for None Of The Above for student president, and he won. The only other candidate was a rapist in the local nick.

  8. Don’t expect it to discourage her. Half a century ago when I was a student there was a vote for a student union post where the only candidate was a total creep. He was thrashed by ‘none of the above’ but it wasn’t until the a second vote where none of the above got an even higher percentage of the vote that he accepted that he wasn’t wanted.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’ve just alluded to this old cold war joke elsewhere, but it works equally well here.

    During a drinking session at a party London the Russian and American ambassadors made a bet the they could beat each other in a race around Hyde Par.

    The Washington Post reported result: In a race between the American and Russian ambassadors around Hyde Park the American ambassador won.

    Pravda reported: In a race of ambassadors around Hyde Park the Russian ambassador came a very close second.

  10. Dennis, Your Guide To The USA

    Nikki Haley is Mitt Romney in a dress. Voters understand this and have reacted accordingly.

  11. I just got banned on X for putting “Stick a fork in her, she’s done” regarding her lackluster performance. Apparently I infringed some rule about advocating violence.

  12. Dennis – Not exactly.

    It occurred to me recently that when Lord Pigfucker was our humble Prime Minister David Cameron, and publicly fantasising about how great it would be for an Indian to replace him, he didn’t mean that as a compliment to Indians.

    Nimrata and co. exist because our actual ruling class has decided to offshore the grubby work of managing the proles to their Bharat servants. Rishi Sunak is our PM because that’s how little they think about the job of being prime minister.

    Since the job involves following instructions from Davos and trying not to let the proles know how much they are despised.

    See also: that senile child sniffer they installed in the Ovaltine Office, or his BJ-crazed sidekick. We’re at the kids table, and they’re our babysitters.

  13. I like the idea of ‘none of the above’. Have a vote, no one wins. The contenders then have to go away and think what they need to do, say or promise so that the peeps will vote for them. Whoever is the most ‘populist’ wins. Hey, perhaps we would get someone who would bin net zero, sort out the education, civil service and NHS blobs and actually stop the migrants / deport all the foreign crims , you know, the sort of things the peeps have been screaming for 60 years.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    I like the idea of ‘none of the above’. Have a vote, no one wins. The contenders then have to go away and think what they need to do, say or promise so that the peeps will vote for them.

    Its not just that, its the lack of leadership. They don’t think they have to dirty themselves by getting involved and persuading voters that something really is in their interests. They just add climate catastrophe to whatever it is they want to do as if that gives them a free pass. Fortunately more and more people are seeing that for the scam it is.

    As an aside, Mann’s Hockey Stick graph has been eviscerated and shown to be a scam in the current trial, but obviously that won’t make the MSM.

  15. Have a vote, no one wins. The contenders then have to go away and think what they need to do, say or promise so that the peeps will vote for them.

    Better would be if a whole new set of contenders have to think what they need to do, say or promise so that peeps will vote for them.

    Part of the problem in this country is the indentikit uniparty candidates. If we the voters can say “fuck off all of you” we might start getting candidates that actually represent some proportion of the electorate and not just a well-trained performing seal that has had the best lines programmed in. Make the re-run soon enough that there is no time to train up another robot, and it wouldn’t take long for real change to happen.

  16. I rather think that if “none of the above” were on every ballot, then Nota would win a surprisingly large percentage of elections.

  17. The assumption that the electorate would vote for someone better if only they were available is laughable. It assumes that the problem is the politicians whereas the problem is the electorate.

    If we had a better quality of voters, then we’d get better politicians and government.

  18. Joe – nah, let’s not blame the victims.

    The electorate has consistently voted for reasonably sensible things since WW2.

    Look what happened when David Cameron accidentally offered us a real choice.

  19. @Steve

    I guess all these are victims who desperately want things in the country to change but don’t seem to be able to find politicians to do it:

    * 54.2% of people who receive more in benefits than they contribute in taxes.
    * 6.3 million in receipt of “disability” (up from 3.9 million in 2002).
    * 1.4 million employed by the NHS to inflict degrading experiences on their service users.
    * 1.1 million chuggers & grifters in the third sector.
    * 0.5 million “working” from home in the civil service.
    * 0.2 million police (on social media in the station) and firefighters (second jobbing whilst your house burns down).

    Pull the other one, it has bells on it.

  20. Joe – People respond to incentives, more news at 10. There’s no mileage in getting upset at lollipop ladies and chavs.

    Anyway, the funniest part of Nimrata’s faceplant is this:

    Haley has not revealed the reason why she opted to contest the primary vote rather than go up against Trump on Thursday, but her campaign on Monday claimed that the state’s traditional caucuses had been “rigged for Trump”.

    She came third on a ballot paper Trump was excluded from due to political fuckery, but Trump is “rigging” the election.

  21. Steve – “People respond to incentives, more news at 10”

    You appear to be asserting that these voters would see straight through a crap politician offering more personally for them (incentives) and instead vote for a decent politician who told them they were going to get a lot less from government because the country is broke.

    NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! The moronic electorate is going to vote for MORE GOVERNMENT until the house of cards finally collapses around their ears.

  22. Joe – you appear to be operating under the conviction that what the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland does is in some way connected to an obscure quinquennial ceremony where you ritualistically put a small piece of paper into a wooden box.

    As a God botherer, I can’t help but notice the similarities between your belief system and Jews slipping prayer notes into the Wailing Wall.

    But at least I know the Jews’ prayers are heard. Shalom.

  23. @ Steve

    Well, there is some justification that the politicians say one thing to get elected, then do something else (generally whatever their paymasters tell them). No argument from me on that.

    However, we are shortly going to test whether the Conservative and Unionist Party ever gets to form a government again in the UK. That will at least demonstrate that one cheek of the uniparty arse has been impacted by the actions of massive numbers of unverified postal ballots being counted in the obscure quinquennial ceremony.

  24. I like the idea of ‘none of the above’. Have a vote, no one wins.

    It’s appealing as mischief but it isn’t true that no one wins. The country will still be run by some group while the electorate larks about for as long as it likes rejecting the offerings. You’d either retain the previous MPs and ministers as caretakers or have government by civil servant.

    Similarly, Geert Wilder’s PVV party clearly won the mostest in the Dutch general election in November but because of coalition-forming shenanigans here we are in February and the previous PM is still running the country (despite not even leading his party in the campaign – he intended to exit politics). This could go on for months more and perhaps not ever be resolved (another GE?).

    I see Peter Hitchens has come out in favour of compulsory voting with “none” being an option, which is as good an argument against as any.

  25. @ David ” I think she is more likely to beat Biden than Trump.” yes, but Trump has special weapon up his sleeve – the Dems are going to jail him and thus make him more popular. There is a possibility that this will deliver him enough black american votes to swing the election.

    To be honest I doubt it, the Dems will probably win the election despite the help they will give to Trump by jailing him. Thus emboldened progressives will then continue with jailing their opponents, over there and over here. Afd and Geert Wilders etc will be vulnerable. Here in UK they have been jailing ‘terrorists’ for making stickers.

  26. Initially liked Halley, then she stabbed Trump in back while still POTUS

    Infuriating that msm, including Fox, continue to eulogise Nikki “WEF” Halley

    Prescient timing by Mr Hitchens

    Why forcing people to vote and letting them choose ‘none of the below’ could save our shattered democracy

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