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NHS nurses being investigated for ‘industrial-scale’ qualifications fraud
Scam involves more than 700 healthcare workers who used proxies to pass test in Nigeria enabling them to work in the UK

Hands up who is surprised about this?

And the thought that it’s only 700 nurses……snigger.

23 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. Glad to see them cracking down!

    Oh wait…

    Forty-eight of the nurses are already working as nurses in the NHS because the NMC is unable to rescind their admission to its register, which anyone wanting to work as a nurse or midwife in Britain has to be on. It has told them to retake the test to prove their skills are good enough to meet NHS standards but cannot suspend them.

    Forget it, you’re going to die at the hands of incompetent staff because of reasons.

  2. I can remember a Nigerian midwife who delivered my second child seemed unaccountably reluctant to do some stitching post delivery: she actually put it off until her relief arrived two hours later and handed it over to her. Perhaps my wife was lucky 🙁

  3. Well you have to admire the get up and go with naira a thought for the victim. This takes more effort than sending out emails about a deceased client with $10mio in a locked account.

  4. the NMC is unable to rescind their admission to its register

    What the actual fuck?

    which anyone wanting to work as a nurse or midwife in Britain has to be on

    Isn’t that the whole point of having a register? To be able to remove from it those not qualified or competent?

  5. Mildly surprised at the Guardian even tentatively criticising these magic people of colour who have saved the nhs.

  6. Jon – Three people who displayed images of paragliders at a pro-Palestinian march in central London a week after Hamas militants went on a bloody rampage in Israel have been found guilty of a terror offence.

    Heba Alhayek, 29, Pauline Ankunda, 26, and Noimutu Olayinka Taiwo, 27, were each given a 12-month conditional discharge.

    Deputy senior district judge Tan Ikram told them: “You crossed the line, but it would have been fair to say that emotions ran very high on this issue. Your lesson has been well learned.”

    Now consider what happened when a man (perfectly lawfully) tried to share the (perfectly legal) message that “White Lives Matter Too”.

    Consequences are for white men.

  7. My mum is visited daily by nurses. These are usually women nearing retirement who have done their stint as Districts.

    Recently a batch of Nigerians appeared on the scene. Of the 4 or 5 who started a couple of years ago only one is left. The rest have disappeared. They know that one is a carer in an old peoples’ home.

    Even the remaining one had a lot of trouble adjusting. She was driving on her Nigetian licence in a NHS vehicle at first and then had to spend a few months going by bus until she passed her UK test and realised that she also had to tax, insure and MOT the car that she had bought. Needless to say hubby and two kids soon followed from home

  8. Steve,

    Tan, born in Slough in Buckinghamshire, is of Pakistani heritage and was called to the Bar in 1990 and admitted as a solicitor in 1993. He hears extradition, terrorism and sensitive criminal cases.

    Horses for courses and all that.

    Incidentally he received his CBE for services to judicial diversity.

  9. John – Diverse Enrichers enjoy double bubble: an administrative state that’s bending over Haguewards to import, hire and promote them, and extra baubles to celebrate the fact that they’re DE’s.

    It’s all rather silly, but this is the white man’s burden in Clown World. I sometimes wonder what the Chinese make of white people deliberately striving for their own planned obsolescence.

    Will it feel good? Will an elderly James O’Brien or Gary Lineker enjoy a moment of clarity just as an unqualified Nigerian nurse switches off their life support machine?

    DIE has never been more aptly named.

  10. Steve – indeed.

    My mum gets a visit from the district nurses twice a week – generally older English women. Their opinion of third-world nursing staff isn’t very high…

  11. The Nigerian midwife who delivered my second child was hopelessly incompetent. I’m sure she was just dropping boxes off at the back of the hospital and thought she’d fancy moonlighting as staff for a laugh.

  12. “ I sometimes wonder what the Chinese make of white people deliberately striving for their own planned obsolescence.”

    The Chinese should be too busy dealing with their own planned obsolescence than to be concerned with ours. Though it’s quite likely the average Chinaman in the street hasn’t the faintest idea what’s going to happen to their demographics. Though if they did would they think that our cure is worse than the actual disease.

  13. If a building company knowingly employed workers where there was doubt they had the correct training they would be up for corporate manslaughter in the event of a fatal accident.

  14. I once had a nurse come to my bedside to give me 7.5 mg of pills.

    She expressed puzzlement: the only pills available were 2.5 mg, 5 mg, and 10 mg.

  15. In other news:
    Faulty freezing solution may make eggs & embryos stored non-viable. But since it took 11 months to inform the donors, women who’ve since had cancer treatments or hysterectomies may have lost their chance of children.
    We are supporting those who may have been impacted, including through our counselling service the hospital is pleased to offer.
    It’s been charging between £3700 & £4500 for the service.
    Re @NoelC You fail to mitigate the consequences of non-performance of contract in the private sector you’d get the fuck sued out of you.

  16. As a long term user of the crappy NHS I can confirm that the melanin-rich cohort of nurses may be a bit lacking on the qualification front. I heard two nurses discussing measuring a patient’s blood sugars with finger-pricking and a meter. One proudly announced that she’d qualified to be able to use the meter on only the 25th attempt.
    Whenever I’ve had my sugars tested, the melanin-rich nurse has always called to a friendly Chinese nurse to give her a hand.
    Requiring proof of anything from an MR person would obviously be racist, so I suppose it doesn’t happen.

  17. Sneeze x3 : yes, China has rotten demographics, but so far they’ve resisted the urge to replace themselves with hordes of Muslims.

    There’s about a billion of em, and Chinese society (not even talking about their evil government) seems very good at conformity and shaming/punishing people who don’t conform. So if anybody is going to pull the stick back at the last minute and get back to healthy population growth, I’d put a cheeky tenner on it being the Han.

    “You make baby now, or we beat you with bamboo canes” or something. But hey, I’ll never argue with results.

  18. Only to observe that if a system so heavily vested in not identifying these issues has already identified a possible 700 individuals who were involved in the scam, you may be assured that the actual number is at least 10x that, and likely much, much more.



  19. On an entirely-separate note – it wasn’t always thus. Fifty and more years ago, I dated student nurses at Guy’s Hospital. It was one of the few places in the UK at that time which seemed to approach equality, with as little racial discrimination as could be found anywhere. The student nurses from the Indian sub-continent and sub-Saharan Africa seemed to be treated equally by the institution, the patients and the public – not a given by any means down Tooley Street in those days. In those days, a nurse in uniform enjoyed tremendous public respect and deference, men would stand up and offer their seats in bus or Tube, they would be served ahead of others in stores, and so forth, and I personally saw the same respect and deference displayed regardless of race. What changed?



  20. PS – Tan Ikram, the honourable British judge I mentioned above? The guy who let the antisemites off with a conditional discharge?

    Apparently he “liked” this comment by a(nother) Muslim lawyer on social media:

    “Free Free Palestine. To the Israeli terrorist both in the United Kingdom, the United States and of course Israel, you can run, you can bomb but you cannot hide […]”
    – Sham Uddin, Barrister at Law

    Tanweer Ikram CBE DL Likes This

    Sham Uddin is standing to be an MP in the east London constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow. The sitting MP is someone with the delightful Cockney name of Rushanara Ali.

    It’s later than you thought, lads.

  21. llamas – I was gonna tell a long, boring story about my experience with NHS doctors from Foreign back in the 80’s, but I don’t wanna to do a verbal morality statute crime. (In my defence, M’lord, white doctors can be the worst rotters you’ll ever know.)

    I can tell you that I’m truly grateful to the wonderful black nurses who took great care of my wife when she was ill. Nicer, more cheerfully competent ladies you’d rarely meet.

    But that was in a BUPA hospital.

    Hang on, I think I might have stumbled onto something…

  22. Sham Uddin is standing to be an MP in the east London constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow. The sitting MP is someone with the delightful Cockney name of Rushanara Ali.

    Between the seat’s creation in 1974 and 2005, the MP was Jewish. However in 2005, Labour lost the seat for the only time, to an explicitly anti-semitic candidate. They learned their lesson and brought Ali in.

    The Battle of Cable Street would play out rather differently these days, I fear.

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