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So what to do about this one?

In mid-November, she received a letter from Newcastle United telling her she was banned from the club’s St James’ Park stadium for the rest of this season and the two seasons after that, and that her membership had been revoked. She was also banned from buying tickets for away games.
confirming that police would be taking no further action because she had not committed any offence.

The complainant included screenshots of tweets Ms Smith had posted in which she suggested the trans lobby was homophobic because it wanted to “trans the gay away”, and that some transgender people were suffering from mental illness.

The complainant said: “If I were trans, I would feel extremely unsafe… had I had to share a space with someone so openly transphobic… Many of her tweets revolve around the ‘LGB’ movement, a trans-exclusionary and discriminatory movement for members of the lesbian, gay and bisexual community to deliberately exclude and aim to discourage/discriminate/target the transgender community.”

So, a vocal TERF, who has never said anything about it while actually at a football match, is banned from her home town’s foiotball for being a vocal TERF.

Being a TERF is a protected characteristic so it’s not obvious that is legal. One the other hand, we liberals might insist that anyone can refuse service to anyone for what ever reason. So, tough.

Quite clearly the original complainant doesn’t believe any of this toss they’re just being mean – or oppressive – to someone who disagrees with them.

But what, actually, do we do about this? My favourite would be to find that complainant and chastise them vehemently. Other ideas?

25 thoughts on “So what to do about this one?”

  1. Being a TERF is a protected characteristic so it’s not obvious that is legal. One the other hand, we liberals might insist that anyone can refuse service to anyone for what ever reason. So, tough.

    Ideally, we’d:

    1) Abolish all the ‘protected characteristic’ crap on the statute book.
    2) Abolish all the ‘hate speech’ crap on the statute book.
    3) Abolish all the enforced equalities crap on the statute book.
    4) Allow everyone and every business to choose for themselves with whom and how they will associate or do business.
    5) Tell all the trannies to man up and grow a pair.

    That would at least be a start, obviously more would be needed to follow.

  2. “Grace Powell was 12 or 13 when she discovered she could be a boy.”

    What, she looked inside her underpants one morning, and discovered something she’d never noticed before?

  3. ’…we liberals might insist that anyone can refuse service to anyone for what ever reason.

    Maybe that’s the answer – pubs, shops, etc start banning the people who ban others. And their relatives.

  4. 5) Tell all the trannies to man up and grow a pair.

    I think that’s what the FtM ones are trying to do…

  5. Is this the same Newcastle United that is part-owned by that well-known beacon of human rights the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    What could we do about it?

    In this specific case the rest of NUFC membership (I presume they mean season ticket holders) season tick holders could send their membership back and not attend any further games. Non members could just stop going.

    But that won’t happen so the mental retards will continue blackmailing the moral cowards.

    As to the wider problem, we should mock politicians who support this nonsense and boycott egregious examples and make sure we make it clear we support the likes of JK Rowling on this issue.

  7. With many, many people reality takes an awful long time to impinge upon their conduct. Hence the number of very flat people who jumped off buildings believing they could fly. Or the LGTBQRS+-/ who fled to Saudia Arabia to show their support for Palestine…

    (I was always crap at algebra so may have misidentified them)

  8. Quite hilarious, but not…
    The DT removed my comment;

    I was amused to see someone arguing against Kate Andrews on the Spectator week in 60 minutes show that Fishi banning fags was not an example of the “slippery slope”.
    As proof, we have a body set up to combat racism extracting retribution on a “gender critical” (ie realistic) woman for expressing sensible views that are in no way connected with Newcastle United or football by banning her because some anonymous coward has created a fictitious scenario that would have affected the coward had it been “transgender”.
    So that’s alright then…

  9. Maybe the answer is to forget about viewing the question through the lens of libertarianism or tolerance, and just acknowledge that when there’s a war on, you’ve got to pick a side.

    My side is the supporter and her views.

  10. Since LGTBQetc is already a grab bag for all sorts of disparate views, why not add GC (Gender Critical) to the acronym and then Linzi Smith would be part of the ‘community’ on two counts (she is already an ‘L’).

    Or is the wider public becoming aware that different parts of the LGBQetc already hate each other just as much as others not in the ‘clan’?

  11. some transgender people were suffering from mental illness.

    Well, she’s wrong there. All transgender people are suffering from a mental illness.

  12. My favourite would be to find that complainant and chastise them vehemently.

    That would certainly be illegal now. Quite possibly, just saying what you’ve said there is a crime.

    It seems obvious to me the answer is to “Bud Light” the fuck out of Newcastle United and any other corporation that chooses to be a bunch of fascist cunts voluntarily pandering to a marxist client group. If there’s no support for that then we already have the country we deserve.

  13. The Premier League declined to comment.

    The same premier league that insists on club shirts and stadia displaying their tacky “rainbow laces” logo as confirmation of their total unquestioning support for LGBT people like………,,.……..Linzi Smith.

    Not just virtue-signalling cnuts but insincere and inconsistent cnuts to boot (boot as in “can I please lick your boots mr Saudi billionaire?).

  14. It’s the TERF wars, part of the Alphabet Soup’s “inner struggles at reconciliation”.

    My opinion is to let them self-destruct while laughing with a pinkie to the corner of the mouth.

  15. The issue here isn’t freedom of association or the right to refuse service, it’s the intrusive surveillance and the reporting to the police that is the problem. Who do these people think they are? If she had said things while at a match, well, maybe (not really, but for the sake of argument), but outside of that is none of their damned business and the one complainant who thought trannies might feel ‘unsafe’ should have been told to do one. Nothing to do with the club whatsoever and certainly they had no business going on a spying mission.

    The libertarian position therefore is that the club was well outside its jurisdiction.

  16. Richard felt desperate and alone after being rejected by his family for living his truth. Moving away to start a new life living as a respected professor full time, Richard eventually found acceptance and new friends to turn to through a shared passion for everyone else’s cash.

  17. Normally I’d say “their gaff, their rules”, tear up my membership, and go support another team. But you’re not allowed to apply that to gays/Jews/Irish these days, so fuck em. They should be shamed into letting her back in.

  18. The information came from a unit working for the Premier League: GDPR breech. They have discriminated against her on the grounds of her, a lesbian, legally protected beliefs.. and haven’t discriminated against any man for the same views. So their is an Equality Act offense there.

    She doesn’t need.our help, she can fuck ’em good and proper for this .. figuratively speaking.

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