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The feminisation of men

For James, it started with muscles. He was about 16 and had become self-conscious about his physique, fearing that he wasn’t buff enough to attract girls. He found his way to a bodybuilding forum and began to work out. He can’t remember when it happened, but at some point trolls began to infiltrate the forum. They were visitors from another online community with a different focus.

“Their general vibe was quite mean,” says James, who prefers not to use his real name. “They’d take images people had posted of their impressive physiques and be like: ‘You guys forgot to work out your faces!’”

Despite the meanness, curiosity pushed James over to the forums, which were largely focused on facial aesthetics. He discovered a new world in which mainly young men and teenage boys scoured pictures of each other for perceived flaws and purported fixes.

The forums hummed with brutal judgment and offered James a compelling new outlet for his insecurities. “I was learning about problems I hadn’t even noticed,” he says. “I had a short face and a short chin, my nose was too wide, my eyes were too far apart, my hairline was too high … You don’t see a lot of these things until someone else points them out and then you can’t stop seeing them.”

That’s teenage girls that is. And as a passing phase neither good nor bad. One problem we’ve got is that this passing phase now lasts 15 years. Late primagravidae means the maintenance of that passing phase far beyond its expected years.

And men are being told they should become more feminine. Men are becoming more feminine. And even The Guardian isn’t liking the result.

So, umm, perhaps we should stop with the femimnisation of society?

14 thoughts on “The feminisation of men”

  1. Go to work, earn more, buy girls drinks, wear a suit. Look at the tail that Woody Allen got. Or the singer Lyle Lovett, a man who has a face like Freddie Kruger fucked a topographical map of Utah.

  2. “Men are becoming more feminine. And even The Guardian isn’t liking the result.”

    Owen’s gay for a reason, y’know…

  3. Chiselled jaws, pouty lips, hunter eyes: everything is up for grabs in the quest to increase ‘sexual market value’. But how did this extreme cosmetic craze become mainstream?

    I don’t know, but this is why I pray with my children every evening and they’re not allowed to watch telly.

    The vast majority of the groups that we work with are now aware of looksmaxxing,” says Mike Nicholson, a former teacher who runs a workshop programme in schools called Progressive Masculinity.

    This all sounds exceedingly gay.

    James, who is in his 20s and works in finance in the UK, started on the forums in about 2015, when they were still niche. He began “softmaxxing” – tweaks such as hair styling, skincare remedies, diets and exercise regimes. But as the sites threw up an ever harsher mirror, he began seeking more extreme fixes, known as “hardmaxxing”.

    He should be Christmaxxing. Find a caloyer to shrive you, and give thanks to the Pancreator – like a normal person.

  4. People do need to learn to live with the hand they’re dealt. For trannys, that means accepting that you were born whatever gender you were born. For ugly people, just move to Swindon and you’ll fit right in.

  5. PJF – it didn’t work for Rudi von Starnberg,

    But I’m amazed Vice wrote an article about some German blokes with an interest in traditional masculinity, without including the term “far right”.

    Then I realised it was written in 2015, aka The Before Times.

  6. Bloke Temporarily in Moldova

    Sex not gender.

    Same thing.
    It was only the works of a nonce who abused two young brothers that has convinced the gullible otherwise.

  7. PJF said:
    “Fighting for Facial Scars in Germany’s Secret Fencing Frats”

    Jerome K Jerome was particularly scathing about the Mensur in “Three Men on the Bummel” (no, it means a meandering journey). Even in 1900 he thought it a farce; not a test of fencing skills but merely an unimaginative submission to a violent assault.

  8. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Anyone who would fight for what this country has become needs their head seeing to.

    And yes, German frats make the US ones look like little girls pony clubs.

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