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These snowflakes are the inheritors of what was once the world’s finest administrative machine

Civil servants have been taught that rolling their eyes or looking at their mobile phones can be evidence of sexual or racial discrimination and so have been trained to nod their heads to promote transparency and inclusion.

The public workers were being encouraged to spot “microaggressions”, innocently intended gestures or words interpreted as showing hostility to women or minorities.

Probably about time to just pack the whole thing in, no? Raze the buildings, sell that population into bondage, plough the ground where they stood with salt…..

13 thoughts on “These snowflakes are the inheritors of what was once the world’s finest administrative machine”

  1. So being trained to take offense. Don’t bureaucrats do that naturally when one queries purile pointless piles of paper ? In short being infantalized continuing ruin of the West

  2. So looking at a phone is evidence of sexual discrimination?

    What happens if some bint asks you for the time and, like some people these days, you don’t have a watch?

    Look at your phone – discrimination.
    Don’t look at phone – can’t provide time – discrimination.

    Safest response – run the other way any time you see a woman coming and minimise any interactions.

  3. CD

    It’s very simple. You emulate Eccles from the Goon Shoe and have a piece of paper with the time already written on it.

  4. “Microaggressions”? Doesn’t that give the game away? You mean something an ordinary person wouldn’t notice? No wonder they’re being rigorously trained…

  5. This was the promise of the Scottish Parliament. By starting afresh with a completely new system, a blank slate, they could avoid all the problems that Westminster has. Look how that turned out.

  6. have been trained to nod their heads to promote transparency and inclusion
    What about that Indian wobbly head thing? I’m calling that out as racist! Especially as your country’s now a wholly owned subsidiary of Mumbai.

  7. On the odd occasions when I indulge in eye rolling, it’s because I’m discriminating against tedious windbags who drone on endlessly. Their gender or skin colour doesn’t come into it.

  8. It’s just another way of reinforcing status as a member of an “oppressed minority”. Which is why a micro-aggression isn’t a micro-aggression if you’re not already in one of those groups.

  9. This is grossly insensitive and indicative of a dismissive attitude towards oppressed peoples. In my oppressed culture, we roll our eyes and look at mobile phones as a mark of respect. We do it especially when women, gays, trans people and those of any ethnic minority are being talkative and distracting us from our paid work.

  10. Funny… Whenever I start rolling my eyes or pointedly start looking at my phone it’s generally a warning actual agression might be in the near future..

    Nothing “micro” about it. And generally pretty clear to even the worst of snowflakes.
    Yes, they might be offended, but that’s actually the aim of the whole process, along with them buggering off to pester domeone else.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    “You’ve just looked at your watch during my lecture, you racist”

    “I can assure you I don’t give a fuck about your race, I do care when I’m being lectured by an idiot who is wasting my time, so I suppose I will have to plead guilty to being an idiotist”

  12. Some bloke on't t'internet

    All I’ll say is that those of us “on the coalface” are mostly “a bit unhappy” with some of this mandatory training crap we are forced to endure. And some of us have made our feelings known when the opportunity has arisen.

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