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This is getting a little French isn’t it?

The British countryside is a “racist colonial” white space, wildlife charities have claimed.

Wildlife and Countryside Link, a charity umbrella group whose members include the RSPCA, WWF and National Trust, made the claim in evidence provided to Parliament on racism and its influence on the natural world.

MPs in an all-party parliamentary group (APPG) were informed that the British countryside has been influenced by “racist colonial legacies” which have created an environment some fear is “dominated by white people”.

The country’s green spaces are governed by “white British cultural values”, the report argues, and the perception that the countryside is a “white space” prevents people from other ethnic backgrounds from enjoying the outdoors.

The Wildlife and Countryside Link report was submitted to MPs on the APPG for Race and Community, which had called for evidence on the links between “systemic racism” and climate change.

The British, pragmatic, manner is to see examples of summat then build a theory to explain those instances observed. As we all know, the French way is to devise the theory first and then complain if reality doesn’t turn up to confirm it.

Here, of course all know that everything is racist and colonialist. That there’s no actual evidence is not of any importance – we are in a French world now, it is reality that must accord with theory.

31 thoughts on “This is getting a little French isn’t it?”

  1. And here I’d always thought that Britain’s cities were racist, colonialist, non-white spaces dominated by black and moslem people.

    Shows how attitudes can differ.

  2. It’s good to know that you can head to the countryside and escape the scourge of Mo’s kiddie fiddler cult.

  3. I’m very glad that the countryside is still by and large governed by “white British cultural values”,
    However it’s National Trust et al that seem to be bent on destroying this!

  4. Are there restrictions and by laws in the cotswolds preventing break dancing on bits of cardboard, big gold chains and rappers and their bitches? Or do they choose not to leave the hood

  5. So when the Normans arrived, the countryside was a racist colonial legacy of Anglo-Saxon racism? When Romans arrived, the countryside was a racist colonial legacy of racist Celts? When Europeans arrived in the Americas, the countryside was a racist colonial legacy of Amerindian racism?


  6. It’s not just the French, it’s the Germans too. A friend of mine is a Kiwi academic working in a German university. He’s part of a multi-university team looking at the impact of Germany’s green energy transition plans. He’s just had a major bollocking from his boss because he’s had the temerity to go out and talk to people and actually get measurements(*), and then publish the results which show that many people are going to lose money as a result of the policy. His boss wants him to only publish papers that support the government’s position that all will benefit.

    (*) Out of a team of ~15 he’s the only one who actually does genuine research,, the rest are all working with theoretical models that support the government. He’s also the only non-German.

  7. An interesting pointer to which “charities” are funded by the public on threat of imprisonment, a la Black Broadcasting Company, and which are knowingly funded by voluntary contributions…

    It will be interesting to see who downs the most pheasant, the chap with the £30,000 pair of Purdys or the diversity enhancer with his silenced AK 47.

  8. Fun questions (UK):
    What’s the largest settlement wholly within a National Park?
    And the largest one wholly within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?
    Nice places both, although can get full.

  9. “As we all know, the French way is to devise the theory first and then complain if reality doesn’t turn up to confirm it.”

    Sounds like more like Socialism than mere Frenchness.

  10. Bit harsh on the French, they actually seem to have far less tolerance for diversitybollocks than we do.

    The country’s green spaces are governed by “white British cultural values”,

    Good. Now why the fuck isn’t the rest of the nation governed by white British cultural values?

  11. …MPs on the APPG for Race and Community, which had called for evidence on the links between “systemic racism” and climate change.

    yer what? They want evidence when mere assertion will do?

  12. “The British countryside is a “racist colonial” white space, wildlife charities have claimed.”

    No, it’s not. A couple of years ago we visited Cuckmere Haven on the Sussex coast. Unbeknown to me , the coastguard cottages at the end of the walk have featured in a couple of popular films. I’ve never seen as many Asian and Chinese people in one place outside of London. Queuing to get onto the footpath, with me and the minority greybeard-and-waterproofs brigade a very conspicuous minority. We were the ones who didn’t continuously jabber, and wave selfie-sticks around. Southall meets Chinatown.

    There were also significant numbers of Asians and blacks on Skye last year.

    So if anyone knows of any truly racist colonial white spaces, I’d be happy to know where.

  13. I’ll play Bongo.

    I’m going to say Bakewell for the National Park, and Cirencester for the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

  14. Good towns those DocBud: even if a certain Pilgrim Slight Return is known to visit Bakewell for drink and recreation.
    I have National Park: Windermere
    AONB: Church Stretton

    Areas popular with Chinese especially around CNY and Chinese National Week.
    Don’t get many Muslims, but this is more likely cultural and unlikely to be to hostility – you might save up to do the Hajj or to import a cousin with your time and money.
    Ah, the wokesters will say, the reason they have that culture is because of colonialism and empire. At which point you give up arguing.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    A few years ago I was hiking in the Lake District and went up Great Gable and Great End, unfortunately I ran out of time to get to Scafell Pike, and there was loads of Asians up there with us, mostly poorly dressed, having a great time, most of them with broad West Riding accents.

    Two years ago were stopped in Grassington, the grassed area by the long stay car park was full of Asians having BBQs and playing football.

    We don’t get a lot down here because we’re a long way from anywhere, but my very black golf mate who lived in the house when we first bought it to build a new kitchen said he was made vey welcome, but then he doesn’t walk round with a chip on his shoulder looking for grievances and expecting everyone to conform too his view of the world.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset

    I forgot to add. The Brit/Ind family who run our village shop and PO are more than welcome and seem very happy. I’ve never heard any derogatory let alone racist comments and to the extent they get discussed it to remark how nice they are.

    And while I’m at it the gay couple have been made more than welcome. One does a lot of community work and go co-opted on to the Parish Council before being voted on in his own right and he’s now deputy chairman and he’s not even British by birth. The other is a school governor. Again I’ve never hear any derogatory remarks.

  17. Bongo: «Pilgrim Slight Return is known to visit Bakewell for drink and recreation.»

    By recreation, are you referencing Bakewell’s famous eponymous pastry?

  18. decnine has it right.

    I spent most of my History degree trying to shoe horn the past into Marxist theory.

    It was all bollox, but I wanted to pass and this was what the lecturers wanted to hear.

  19. Sounds like they need to go to Dovestones reservoir in Saddleworth on a sunny weekend. Must be 50 / 60% Muslim. Not many blacks, because not many blacks live in Oldham relative to Muslims.

  20. When they say an area is ‘perceived as a white space’ – does that mean ‘white people will kill us if we go there’ or ‘that’s some stupid shit white people do that we’re not interested in’.

    Because I see a lot of these stories are more the latter. ‘Hiking is white dominated’ – yes, because Black people tend to not want to go walk around in the fooking woods for several hours at a time. They’re not interested in it – but its my fault and I have to stop doing the things I’m interested in and go annoy them to do what I do.

    Do what I do – but hey, its *not* colonialism, no matter how much it looks like colonialism.

  21. Actually you have to admire them all the more for building Stabhenge and Hadrian maaaaaan’s wall.

    Must have been hell among all that white supremacy, with racism so thick it made every step seem like wading through treacle in lead diving boots.

  22. @Arthur the Cat – “a Kiwi academic working in a German university … the only one who actually does genuine research,.. also the only non-German”

    Typical immigrant: comes over, takes one of our jobs, and makes life difficult for everyone by doing a better job than the locals.

  23. Colonialism. Is that the one where people come from distant countries and tell the natives how to behave? It is to be deprecated.

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