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Umm, yeah

A faultline has opened in Keir Starmer’s pragmatic politics – and this time none of the usual fixes will work
Nesrine Malik

Gaza is an issue that Labour cannot simply finesse away. It is about real life, real death and the sympathies of millions

So’s the situation in your neck of the woods, Sudan and over into Darfur – we’re hearing reports of slaving expedictions by Arabs against Blacks.

Amazin’ how Britain’s leading Arab Sudanses commentator says nothing about the subject, no?

19 thoughts on “Umm, yeah”

  1. I was told back in the late 1980s that “Israel will become the new South Africa.”

    And sure enough it has.

    These people will not stop until yet another cultured successful country will become a shithole.

    They have already succeeded in Britain, Canada and the USA.

  2. “It is about real life, real death and the sympathies of millions”

    Ukraine, Syria, Africa, Yazidi genocide, and drug wars in Central America have a “real life, real death” toll which dwarfs anything in Gaza, but the sympathies of millions seem to be a bit more muted.

    I wonder if anyone can think of a reason for that?

  3. Funny thing is there really is anti-Muslim genocide going on, complete with mass killings, sterilisations and hundreds of thousands in concentration camps. It’s in China though, so for some strange reason we don’t see demos about it and no majority Muslim country, even the one with the closest related people, don’t seem bothered 🙁

  4. Boganboy:

    True, and as well as screaming they also murder and intimidate, and they massively outnumber the police and armed forces in the UK.

  5. Our boy Brandon has a similar problem here in the US. Jews are some of the biggest donors in the Democrat party, so the administration has been fairly supportive of Israel. However, the large Muslim population in Michigan is quite upset with this policy and threatens to stay home on election day. This blows a smoking hole in Brandon’s path to the White House.

    The Democrats are furiously trying to straddle two donkeys heading in different directions.

  6. It is about real life, real death and the sympathies of millions

    Save the Children reckons that 85,000 Yemeni children starved to death between 2015 and 2018.

    Did we hear about this from Muslims, in Britain or anywhere else? Where were the marches? Anywhere? Did cunts like Malik have a word to say about it?

    Not a peep from any of them.

    This is about them hating Jews and more widely the Western Civilisation which Jews represent in the Middle East.


    Thankfully a large-breasted singer is happy to put our minds at rest (she should work for the met police).

    She said: “Clearly, if you know the history of it all, [it is] not an antisemitic chant calling for the obliteration of Israel. It is not that in any way shape or form. It is calling for the peaceful coexistence of Israelis and Palestinians.

    A characteristically even-handed approach by the bbc following this mornings lengthy front-page report on Muslims reporting their alleged is lamb a phobic attacks on a phone-in. Deeply disturbing stuff including an unsuccessful attempted hijab snatch (how difficult can it be?), some rudeness on a bus and the secret Santa gift of a joke book about bacon.

  8. Labour has a muslim problem. It has to kowtow to Islamic desires. To avoid the muslims forming their own party. Which they will sooner or later and because of their distribution they will get seats in the commons. Tens of seats.

    The tories are not immune, they court Islamic support and they need to appease it. Their Islamics will go along with the muslim party too.

    Islamic issues will decide the balance of power in a future parliament. Will it be too late for anybody to go for the indigenous vote which they currently seem to despise?

  9. John – A characteristically even-handed approach by the bbc following this mornings lengthy front-page report on Muslims reporting their alleged is lamb a phobic attacks on a phone-in.

    Remember when we used to be able to have Christmas markets in our own country without putting up concrete barriers?

    Good times.

    Rhoda – The tories are not immune, they court Islamic support and they need to appease it.

    Like mass immigration, it’s completely unnecessary:

    77% of British Muslims that told Survation they voted in the May 2021 elections, voted Labour, while this recent set of elections in Great Britain are not directly comparable, this was lower than the 86% who said they had voted for the party at the 2019 General Election

    Pandering to a voter base that supported Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour by 86% (lol) is an idiotic thing for the Tories to do. It undoubtedly alienates more whites and Hindus who might otherwise vote Con than it attracts Muslims.

    Remember there was yet another Islamic terror attack during the 2017 election campaign, and the Left was briefly shitting itself that Theresa May had just been handed a political cudgel to beat Labour with?

    They were expecting her to capitalise on an immigration/terror sickened public. But they needn’t have worried – T May couldn’t get herself into a hijab fast enough.

    We must conclude that it’s not votes the Tories are after. If they wanted votes, they wouldn’t have couped Boris and Liz, and they wouldn’t consistently over 14 long years deliberately choose to do unpopular things their voters hate.

    They’re not trying to win votes, they’re simply following orders.

  10. Excellent by Rupert.
    I was thinking that Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan should be person of the century so far. Ok, he’s down as being educated at Sandhurst but his gaffe which is the UAE has since become even more influential. His peeps refine and sells lots of energy, hire construction managers from the anglosphere and greens the desert. But get this, they’re close to commissioning their 4th atomic reactor in 12 years, which means cheaper energy for them and also more oil not needed by them and sold to everyone else.
    The only objection to this a view I’ve heard is exploitation of Pakistani migrant construction workers, those still alive after building the Qatar world cup stadia. A view only expressed by the white middle classes, and not held by the London Saturday marchers against discrimination against Muslims.
    You can’t help thinking it’s not about the brotherhood in Islam, but hating on the capitalist country next door to some of their distant cousins.

  11. OT but raghead related.
    Torygraphs currently running a story about a ship going to run undersea electricity cable from a solar farm in Morocco to the UK to solve your energy intermittancy.
    Nobody seems to have noticed that Morocco’s due south of the UK. It’s dark yourway, it’s dark there.
    Also. Sahara isn’t that much south of where I live. We have solar hot water heating on the roof. For summer. It’s very good. For summer. Winter we switch to electric. The solar would just give us luke. There isn’t the necessary insolation because the days are too short.
    Wonder where the money’s coming from will pay for the cabling?

  12. “They’re not trying to win votes, they’re simply following orders.”

    Or paralyzed by the fear that if they did something popular they wil be castigated by the BBC and the Guardian. And not get invited round by the cool kids. So pandering to groups who hate them and us.

    So at the root it’s a money thing? A stupidity thing? OR, who’s giving the orders and what do the sticks and carrots look like?

  13. Rhoda – OR, who’s giving the orders and what do the sticks and carrots look like?

    I can only guess, but Davos is their Mecca, is it not?

    There’s another thing at play here, and it’s to do with the bifurcation of society into Luxury Belief holding Eloi, and Reality Belief holding Morlocks.

    We’re the Morlocks.

    The Morlocks are the people who make society work. The Eloi are the people in charge.

    It’s social and thus professional death for an Eloi to express any pro-Morlock sympathy whatsoever. Moreover, they don’t want to. MPs may not enjoy being chased around Westminster by Pakistanis, but it’s us they hate.

    Unfortunately, unlike HG Wells’ Eloi, they’re not even useful as food.

    BiS – I think I can see a potential flaw in the plan to lay 2485 miles of critical national infrastructure undersea cable after the bombing of Nord Stream.

    Oh dear.

  14. Same thought occurred to me, Steve. Second was that as fast as they lay cable the sons of the desert will be out there dredging it up & selling it for scrap. Stop a car in Morocco for too long & you’ll find yourself perched on rocks with the wheels missing.

  15. What is so bizarre is the obssessive pandering to groups that would never ever EVER! vote for them.

    Well, I’ve been saying the above for years, but what is happening now is they are also screaming ***** OFFF!!!!!! to their own supporters.

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