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Weds 6 th November

It’s gonna be interesting folks

With 99 per cent of the votes counted, Ms Haley has won only three of the 50 available delegates.

The result makes it all but certain that Mr Trump will secure the GOP nomination this summer, and puts Ms Haley’s campaign in a precarious position ahead of the slew of primary votes on March 5.

I distinctly recall sitting reading in Nov 2016. Even posting – I think he’s going to do it – as the results came in. And the frisson that went with it.

I wasn’t pro-Trump as much as very anti Hillary. I simply despise – as it pretty obvious really – that whole political lineage that thinks that ever more central government is the solution to life.

No, I don’t think The Donald was a good President, I don’t think he will be again. His views on trade and tariffs are positively insane, just as one example.

But, given what they’ve been doing to try to make sure he cannot run, or to bankrupt or jail him for the temerity of even trying, that US Establishment needs a good hard kicking in the grallochs, if not an actual gralloching.

6th November. If he wins then the rejoicing will be marvellous to enjoy. Then we’ll all have to work out what to do about Trump actually being President of course, but the event itself will be that marvel to be righteously shrieked with joy about.

27 thoughts on “Weds 6 th November”

  1. Once again I imagine his margin of victory would have been far higher were it not for tactical voting by democrats taking advantage of the open primary rule to support Haley. I’m surprised James Clyburn didn’t ask them to beforehand.

  2. Nimrata loses again. Maybe she really is a True Conservative?

    However, in a speech to supporters in Charleston, Ms Haley said her presidential bid was “never about me or my political future”

    What a shameless lie.

    “I’m a woman of my word. I’m not giving up this fight when a majority of Americans disapprove of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.”

    She’s going to continue offering ‘Americans’ (i.e. donors) an even less popular alternative until the big donations stop.

  3. He did a lot of supply side reform and I note there were no shenanigans from Putin, despite him beginning supply of weapons to Ukraine. Strange that!

  4. I’ve just been amused that Biden copied Trumps’ policy of dumping Afghanistan, and has now also cut the money wasted on UNRWA.

    Dare I hope that whoever gets elected will also stop funding the Houthis as well?

  5. Quite a few “If’s” though, like “If they don’t steal the election”.

    Even if he’s elected (or more specifically if he manages to overwhelm the Democrats electoral fraud attempts), will they try to pull a fast one between the election and the inauguration to prevent him actually becoming POTUS.

    Not much point having all these politically motivated court cases if none of them dissuades his voters OR prevents him taking office.

    Quite frankly, having seen the shit they’ve pulled under Biden, nothing would surprise me, including a quick shuffle of “line of succession offices” and a serving of 25th Amendment notice on Joe Biden between losing the Election and the date of the inauguration.

    Once they’ve got a new Democrat POTUS installed then pull a fast one to keep Trump out of office.

  6. Trump was an excellent president overall, his problem was that he was fighting off multiple coup attempts that started before his inauguration, and the permanent bureaucracy simply refused to accept the election result.

    Same thing happened to Boris Johnson, strangely. Remember how they were spying on his arguments with his girlfriend, before a slice of cake became The Excuse? Theresa May and Dave Cameron were never treated like that.

    Boris was never going to be allowed to be PM for long, winning a landslide just made his situation worse.

    Truss was never going to be allowed to govern either, Rishi and co were laughing at her for being a stupid, common woman throughout the Tories’ fake leadership election, and they’re still laughing at the funny little proles who think they have a say in how we are governed.

  7. Trump reformed taxation of overseas earnings, which resulted in an increased tax take as the Big Tech companies stopped hiding their profits overseas to stop them being taxed, and brought them home and paid tax on them. Of course, this was presented as neoliberal tax breaks for Big Business.

  8. Not a good president, but a great one:

    $2 a gallon gas
    1% inflation
    3% mortgages
    energy independence
    no new wars
    filling the strategic petroleum reserve
    the most secure border in decades
    real wages for non-college grads growing faster than college grads
    the lowest black unemployment rate in U.S. history
    ditto for Hispanics

    OK, he was a bit of a protectionist, but the best president since Reagan, at least.

  9. Yarp, remember how Trump would bang on, and on, and on about how many good jobs he’d helped create for black Americans?

    He was genuinely proud of that, the fucking racist.

    I don’t think Future Trumps will be boasting about helping black people. I think the idea of racial reconciliation will die with Trump’s generation. Younger generations have been brought up with a culture that spits on white people, as a result they’re either braindead progdrones or alarmingly fashy teens.

  10. Trump won’t be president again.
    It won’t be court cases or electoral fraud that stops him. Instead it’ll be a deranged leftist who will shoot him and then miraculously be killed themselves before any truth about who is really responsible comes out
    See JFK for previous form.

  11. Trump may have to campaign from jail.
    NY house of corrections perhaps, where he will mysteriously Jeffrey Epstein himself.

  12. Trump wasn’t a good President because. .. trade and tariffs. That’s the one example he shares with every other President.

    However he did reduce taxation and regulation which boosted the economy. His policies resulted in the US being independent of foreign oil and a net exporter of natural gas, he started to control immigration across the southern border, he was the first President to have lunch with the North Korean Leader, actually cross the line into NK, begin rapprochement, get NATO Countries to cough up more contributions, set about restoring the US military, begin an orderly, condition led withdrawal from Afghanistan… and the first President since WWII who did NOT involve the US in a foreign war. And he wasn’t involved in corrupt deals with Ukraine oligarchs.

    He was a bad President apart from that do you mean?

  13. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    You’re assuming that voting slips won’t be liberally distributed to the cemeteries in all swing states.

  14. His views on trade and tariffs are positively insane,
    Do you actually know what Trump’s views on trade & tariffs are Tim? Trumps got a history of proposing things look loco but subsequently doing things remarkably sensible.
    It´’s like his threat to withdraw from NATO. Of course he won’t. But if he can make European politicians think he will & start doing something about paying for their own defence, that’ll be a result.
    I think Trump is actually a very good politician. He’s a poker player not a tiddlywinks player. There’s little doubt the public schoolboys at UKIP could have learned a lot from him, even if they had to hold their own noses in the classroom during the lessons.

  15. real wages for non-college grads growing faster than college grads
    That’s the real hatred. The whole point of getting a degree was supposed to be not just having a higher income than the proles, but accellerating away from them. How DARE the plebs be able to have an income approaching ours?

  16. “Trumps got a history of proposing things look loco but subsequently doing things remarkably sensible.”

    Didn’t someone recently mention the negotiation tactic, where you set a crazy anchor point at the start, and Trump likes to be a deal maker

  17. I’m assuming she’s still in it and the money is still coming in because it would be harder to take him off the ballots if there is no ballot as there’s no one else running (or if he’s the only one on the ballot with None of the above as the only other option).
    It’s amusing that the media try’s to represent her higher donations as evidence she’s really more popular than Trump

  18. the negotiation tactic, where you set a crazy anchor point at the start, and Trump likes to be a deal maker
    It’s something I’ve been using my entire business life. My opening offer/bid is just a negotiating point. I then let the other party negotiate they’re way to what I wanted in the first place. There’s certainly nothing novel about it. The trick is making the other party think you’ll treat without being able to be sure where you might agree. Get them to do so before they need to. All tactics are fair. Poker.

  19. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious, Yet Again

    Haley is bankrolled by rich Democrats and getting little more than “anyone but Trump” crossover votes.

    All she is doing at this point is trying to sure that she, rather than Lynn Cheney, gets the coveted RINO slot on CNN. She’s auditioning for her second career.

  20. The worst thing Trump did was sanctions.

    Can we get an international treaty banning sanctions?

    People should be allowed to freely and lawfully trade with people in other countries. Making places like Iran or Venezuela poorer and more repressive isn’t a foreign policy win for the US.

  21. You have a point about the sanctions Steve.

    But suppose someone (the US?) wants to bully someone else. At least with sanctions you’re not actually shooting them.

  22. BiS – good question. Maybe we can make it part of some sort of “rules based international order”?

    Bboy – Sanctions do more damage than airstrikes tho, and tend to run for a lot longer than wars do. Like wars, sanctions are easy to start, but more difficult to stop.

    Because it’s seen by US politicians as being a “cheap” way to “do something”, they’re now sanctioning vast swathes of the global economy. That was nobody’s original intention, but here we are anyway.

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