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Why bird soccer players are paid less

England Lionesses hammer Austria in front of just 949 fans


24 thoughts on “Why bird soccer players are paid less”

  1. Shrug indeed. Telegraph as usual fails to explain properly what is going on.

    Both teams’ Nations League campaigns are over. Yesterday saw the semi finals and the relegation play offs*. This was just a friendly and

    The neutral venue offered England a chance to enjoy a warm-weather training camp in Marbella this week but the location, announced only on 31 January, was not exactly one chosen with fans’ needs at the forefront.

    * Courtesy of

  2. Dunno why, but I can watch women’s cricket and women’s rugby but I just find women’s football funny. I don’t have a clue why women find kicking a ball so awkward but it must be my lack of knowledge of human anatomy.

  3. Marbella? WTF Marbella? Beach volleyball maybe. But we like our women with plastic racks & stilettos. There´s not much call for a bunch of lezzers in football boots… well maybe the video.

  4. 22 players, a bunch of reserves, ref and lineswomen, and a quarter of them menstruating at any one time, no wonder they’re bleeding terrible (Boom, boom)

  5. Whoever is head of marketing at the WFA should be poached, offered a higher salary i mean, by any business that needs to get ahead.
    Filling football grounds in England for that product is quite remarkable. I’m on a few mailing lists for theatres, outdoor events etc and I’ve never had any tickets for women’s footie promoted my way so the algorithms must only market to people who are interested.

  6. One women’s sport I quite like watching on TV is netball. Seems quite fast and skillful and there’s no men’s netball to compare it with.

    The other is beach volleyball which I’d been watching for three years before I realised they kept score.

  7. “there’s no men’s netball ”
    That reminds me. The school I was at did netball. And that was an all boys school. On the other hand I always suspected the games master of being a nonce. That he also taught geography pretty well confirmed it.

  8. The Aussies and the Kiwis excel at Netball, big strapping lasses who are as Andrew says very skilful. We tend only to get it on the Commonwealth Games, but it was prinetime viewing when I was in NZ.

    A pal of mine describec ladies’ rugger as “Big lezzers grappling in the mud. I’d pay good money to watch it !”

  9. Strikes me as being time for a blonde joke.
    Sharleen sees Carrie crouching down at the back of Carrie´s car,
    Carrie stands up. She´s got a big black ring around her mouth.
    Sharleen asks “Whatever are you doing Carrie?”
    “I put a dent in the side of the car, parking. And the guy at the garage said if I blow up the exhaust pipe I can pop it out”
    “Oh you are a silly, Carrie. You have to close the windows first!”

  10. BiS

    Funnily enough a Geog teacher at my school was very keen on lacrosse. I thought he was a nonce too. I turned down doing geography ad Alevel ( at which I excelled) because I didn’t want to be taught by him.

  11. Shame about their absence from the next Olympics. Maybe be a few more overground train lines and inexplicable SPOTY awards are needed.

    Still at least in a few years time they’re all guaranteed tv gigs as pundits and game show presenters. At least those of the appropriate ethnicity are.

  12. Ah, geog was amongst my successful O levels, Otto. But like the rest of ´em, I got it from reading the text book I stayed well away from that corner room at the end of the corridor.. Still, both games & geog are provinces of the half witted. The noncery may not even be compulsory.

  13. England’s feminine rugby players did reasonably well against Scotland at Murrayfield today. (By which I mean: surely actual men can catch a fucking ball.)

  14. Dennis, Lover of Mankind

    The neutral venue offered England a chance to enjoy a warm-weather training camp in Marbella this week but the location, announced only on 31 January, was not exactly one chosen with fans’ needs at the forefront.

    England vs. Austria in Spain on short notice. Evidently, the league is run by morons.

  15. They keep trying to push women’s (ice) hockey at the moment as they have a new league, after the last one folded due to lack of attendance. On the brief glances I haven’t been able to avoid when turning on tv or in the interval of men’s games the goalies are about half the size of the men’s teams and would be outplayed by most 14 yr old boys.

  16. Bet a few men’s teams would be happy with 60,160 attending, though

    Not at the actual prices – the most expensive Arsenal women’s season ticket for 23/24 works out at less than a tenner a match, most are far less. Mind you it’s a cheap day out with the kids.

  17. On the brief glances… [they] would be outplayed by most 14 yr old boys.

    Yes, they’ve actually run that experiment, BniC – the Canadian women’s national team has to find appropriate competition for training. High-level men’s teams are too good; there’s no training benefit in getting walloped – so they play against Junior teams (age 18-21) – but not against high-level junior teams (Canadian Hockey League – the “major junior” players, of whom 1 in 10 might go to the pro leagues); they play against Junior A and Junior B teams.
    And get beaten, but not as badly

  18. I would love to keep the Scottish women’s league. But also have Scottish, French, Belgian, Dutch, Welsh, and Irish club sides as guests in the English women’s club cup competitions. I support Glasgow Rangers.

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