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Rishi Sunak must slash the benefits bill and get more people working instead of relying on immigration to reduce Britain’s debts, a senior official at the UK’s budget watchdog has said.

David Miles, an executive member of the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), said waves of new migrants would not solve Britain’s fiscal crisis and were likely to pile pressure on public services.

6 thoughts on “Yes? And?”

  1. I would of course argue that slashing immigration to zero would mean an immediate and drastic drop in the benefits bill.

    Interesting to see that this bloke has exactly the opposite view.

  2. Who voted for David Miles? And how do we vote him out?

    It doesn’t matter if he is right or wrong (and it seems blindingly obvious to me): what he says shouldn’t matter.

    Only the Tories would think of setting up yet another quango that woud be colonised by their enemies and weaponised against them. Does Javier Milei have any English relatives?

  3. Bogan,

    It would also unquestionably shorten NHS waiting lists, relieve the pressure on housing, reduce crime rates, decrease the prison population, increase average GDP per capita and solve quite a few other problems.

    Not the worst manifesto for a party seriously interested in winning the next election to run on.

  4. ’…and were likely to pile pressure on public services.’

    As can be seen by the image of that queue for NHS dental services yesterday.

  5. Julia

    The Lotus Eaters covered this yesterday albeit from a markedly different perspective than that intended by the Labour spin doctors.

    “Dentistry isn’t Working” has yet to be posted to their YouTube channel (probably wise considering the sensibilities of the censors) but can be viewed for free on their website as part of daily podcast #845.

    As you can gather, I enjoyed it.

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