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30 year veteran journalist gets surprised

All this weirdness, Swisher says, was there, whether consciously or not, to smooth over the fact that the new tech industry was not the big-hearted humanitarian project its founders often talked about, but something much more straightforward: the latest iteration of rapacious capitalism.

How’s that for long term insight, eh?

I have, very vaguely, come across Swisher in my own working life. Not impressed is one way to put it.

Does she think he ever feels any fear about the huge responsibilities that ought to come with what he has built? She answers emphatically. “Yes. I think every now and then you see that he knows he’s in over his head.” She mentions an interview she did with Zuckerberg in 2018, for her Recode Decode Podcast, in which he expressed the somewhat startling opinion not only that Facebook (since folded into the giant company that Zuckerberg named Meta) should host content put up by Holocaust deniers, but that such people were “not intentionally getting it wrong”.

“He was so out of his depth, and you could see that he kind of knew it,” she says. “But he kind of walked into it: like: ‘I can handle this.’ I’m like: ‘You cannot handle hundreds of years of antisemitism – I’m telling you that you can’t. You need some real experience.’ And that was my issue: someone who was so ill-prepared was making decisions that affected all kinds of people and unleashed an enormous amount of toxic waste.”

Man doesn’t share my opinion. Man Bad.

Now to be really unkind. Swisher was married to a senior, long term and early Google engineer. Those stock options were going to be worth something. So, what was the divorce settlement? It still work as joint property in a lesbian marriage?

8 thoughts on “30 year veteran journalist gets surprised”

  1. ’I’m like: ‘You cannot handle hundreds of years of antisemitism – I’m telling you that you can’t. You need some real experience.’

    And how have the ‘experts’ been handling it? Has it worked?

  2. And how have the ‘experts’ been handling it? Has it worked?

    The world experts in antisemitism have been out on the streets of England every Saturday. And it seems to be working a treat.

  3. On that “Holocaust Denial” thing. It’s long been the case that anything to do with the subject from one side of the subject has to go go unchallenged. Any query about the “official history” will get a Holocaust Denial! response. It’s hardly a level playing field.

  4. Banning opinions usually means that one does not have a strong enough counter argument.

    Which where the Holocaust is concerned is nonsense. There will always be head bangers who will deny that it happened. Banning them only gives them a lever to say “Look, look they are trying to cover it all up !”

    Holocaust denialism is illegal in Germany and Austria, which although I disagree with it, they do have a valid excuse to do so.

    I used to wind up the missus when we were in Vienna. Every time the tram passed the Landesgerichtshof, where he was incarcerated, I would say “Wave to David Irving.”

  5. People I don’t like shouldn’t be allowed to use social media…
    shouldn’t be allowed to use email…
    shouldn’t be allowed to use telephones…
    shouldn’t be allowed to use typewriters…
    shouldn’t be allowed to use the postal service…
    shouldn’t be allowed to use pen&paper…
    shouldn’t be allowed to use oxygen…

    How far does she want to go?

    People like her want social media regulated as though it’s a public utility – which then means that absolutely everybody has full and free rights of access. But at the same time she insists that certain people must be banned from using it – in which case it’s *not* a public utility, and she can **** off.

    …..or does she really believe that people she doesn’t like must be banned from having access to the public water supply?

  6. Dennis, Twatty Something or Other

    Kara Swisher is very typical of her class: Over educated, under achieving and, having never actually done anything of note herself, she’s still more than ready to tell the noteworthy achievers how things should be done.

    In other words, she’s very much a journalist. And the fact that she’s being profiled in the Guardian tells you all you need to know about just how good a journalist she is.

  7. Any query about the “official history” will get a Holocaust Denial! response.

    There was an Irish journalist who almost/actually had his career ended for saying – as part of an argument in an article – something along the lines of: ‘one thing we can be sure of is that exactly six million Jews did not die’ ie we’ll never know the actual number and it won’t be a conveniently rounded one. Cue shrieking and deliberate misinterpretation.

    Amongst the many conclusions I have reached from seeing the Pro-Genocide marches in London is that hate speech laws of all sorts are utter bollocks. Protection of Jews was repeatedly cited as a reason for them and they have failed 100% in that regard.

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