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A list I can extend

Let me say straight away, and before anyone else does, that I anm aware that such polls are not scientific. There is, of course, bias within my reasons for posting the poll, the questions, those I reach and those who choose to vote. Without much effort you could extend that list.

Everyone who disagrees with him is banned from voting in his Twitter polls.

7 thoughts on “A list I can extend”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Should Labour’s general election campaign be wrapped up in the Union Jack?

    Yes, no, don’t know, don’t care about Labour. “

    I guess he’s hoping it will be no so he can sneer at “little Engerlanders” in Reform or at the Tories, or both.

  2. @ Rowdy It’s in his blog…

    What should we do with Thames Water? With the unsurprising poll winner “Nationalise Everything.”

    About 7% of the respondents are about to get Banhammered since they chose the option “Let the Markets decide.”

  3. Ah, so it’s his cunning way to identify wrongthinkers. At some point he’ll be reporting them to the appropriate authorities.

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