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Ah, so that’s it

Her comments followed a backlash against her appearance at a Biden fundraiser because of a series of damaging allegations of professional misconduct against her.

The accusations against Lizzo include sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment.

Ron Zambrano, a lawyer representing three of her accusers, reportedly told subscription television network NewsNation: “It’s shameful that Lizzo would be chosen to headline an event like this amid such egregious allegations.”

Lizzo, who was last seen at the event at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday, has denied the allegations.

Couldn’t work out why the shrieking. But then it makes sense.

Lizzo’s good, d’ye see? Fat and proud of it, body positivity and all that.
But then there are allegations of not being a nice boss. Forcing back up dancers to go to a sex club (or perhaps merely a tittie show) while on tour and that sort of thing.
That’s bad.

But then comes that petard. Because it’s the mere allegation – these days – of sexual or controlling or being a bad boss etc which is the sentence. But, of course, that’s not supposed to apply to those who are good, is it?

22 thoughts on “Ah, so that’s it”

  1. “Good” in the woke morally good sense – because she’s fat and body positivity style of good.

  2. I get some exposure to slightly more contemporary music via my daughter. I quite like the song Good As Hell but I had heard it before I had any clue who Lizzo was. I tend to prefer women who are a little on the cuddly side but just a little, the ones who are as wide as they are tall not so much.

  3. That there can be anything ‘good’ or ‘positive’ about such clearly unhealthy weight gain is a sign of a society that has lost its way.

  4. Yes, the fact that she’s a FBW will stand her in good stead. In fact, being actually more accurately an OBW, she’d undoubtedly get her own prime time series on “our” BBC….

  5. Is it true that she’s going to front a reformed Jethro Tull ?

    Watching her stand on one leg would be a larf.

  6. JuliaM @ 8.34 +100.
    Dr David Bull and his wife* Dr Renee Hoenderkamp on TalkTV this morning were discussing a study showing obesity in your early teens leads to an increased risk of MS – starting around the 23 years old mark.

    *in joke.

  7. On the assumption that she is not a complete imbecile (and having already made her millions, lots of them) Lizzo must surely realise she has to protect her health and start losing a lot of weight. At c300 pounds she could easily shed the equivalent of a normal adult female.

    How this goes down with the body positivity maniacs will be a joy to see.

  8. Even Rebel Wilson who made her career out of being a fat annoying Aussie had to succumb and lose a few pounds. ( See also Adele ).

  9. “FBW” – I’m lost? To me that stands for “Fly By Wire”

    “Watching her stand on one leg would be a larf”

    Which would probably impose spot loads in excess of design limits on any stage she managed to clamber on to…

  10. ‘Body positivity’ is, like a lot of modern discourse, nonsense to make people feel good about things they shouldn’t. Some people need to be shamed.

  11. You think the PR people might have considered the optics, other than the allegations, of having a fat lady sing for Biden.

  12. @Andy – “Some people need to be shamed.”

    Funny how we can still have this attitude even where the Nanny State, along with the general trend to tell people how to live their lives, is seen as a bad thing.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ You think the PR people might have considered the optics, other than the allegations, of having a fat lady sing for Biden.”

    I’ve just imagined Trump picking up on that line, I shall be chuckling to myself all night at the thought of the reaction of the usual suspects.

  14. @Charles-its perfectly possible to think the state shouldn’t tell us what to do and also that there are standards of behaviour which civic society reinforces. e.g. It is polite to offer one’s seat to an elderly lady on a bus. If one chooses not to, said old lady can show displeasure, but there should be no state sanction for this behaviour.

  15. @Ottokring…

    I can see Ian Anderson actually do that as a final gesture….

    The concept album will be titled: “This Is Why You Don’t / Mödern Mäniä” . 😉

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