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There is only one problem. There is no such book. I cancelled the contract to write it in 2022 when I had long Covid and had no energy to work on it over very many months. Once I got better I decided not to revive the project because there was by then too much else to do in catching up with time lost. So, this book does not exist. I have told Amazon and Wiley. Meanwhile, please do not try to buy it. You will be very disappointed if you do.

Dunno really, a book not written by Spud sounds quite enticing.

17 thoughts on “Disappointed?”

  1. ’… please do not try to buy it. You will be very disappointed if you do.’

    Not as much, I suspect, if he gets around to writing it and you do buy it!

  2. *He* cancelled the contract? That’s a pretty weird contract. I’m not aware of very many contracts where the party contracted to do some work has the power to cancel it, the power is with the party buying the work.

  3. Long Covid might not exist, but Long Skiving certainly does. Particularly in the public sector.

  4. “ had no energy to work on it over very many months”

    When did he ever write anything that seemed to have taken “very many months”? Most of his stuff seems to have been cranked out over a fairly relaxed weeekend.

  5. I think it would have taken a single weekend if he had worked on it judging by his other output.

    He didn’t the the energy (could not be *rsed) to work on it during the span of many months.

    You would think that, being paid to communicate, his writing would be clearer. But then it is that exemplar of limpid prose, the Grauniad, paying him.

    I assume he is getting paid for his columns.

  6. Another thought: if there is a contract, and one party cancels it, there is often some sort of penalty for that party. Was there one in this case? Did he pay it?

  7. I think everybody ignores the hours he spends outside Tesco – Ely with his polystyrene cup & dog on string.

  8. I saw him in Ely. He was having a coffee and arguing out loud with himself about the crossword. I kid not.

  9. Martin Near The M25

    To paraphrase a Goodies sketch “You don’t understand mate. It’s five thousand quid or ELSE I write the book”.

  10. Long Covid exists alright. It’s just absolutely normal post-viral syndrome. Something we have always had.

    What is different is that the stress laid on it was perfect for hypochondria.

    Book contracts are difficult things. You don’t want to enforce that the writer deliver, or they will just send you a book load of rubbish in order to complete their side, which is a waste of everyone’s time. What you can enforce is that they can’t decide to go with another publisher.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    That huge sigh of relieve that was heard recently was obviously an editor who had just been told he wouldn’t be getting the job of editing Spud’s book.

  12. Talking about annoying cvnts. Just seen this readers’ poll in the Torygraph.

    What would be your preferred method of communication with HMRC?
    O Phone line
    O Email
    O Chatbot
    O Letter

    They left out parcel bomb.

  13. Chester @ 7.01, it is indeed post viral syndrome, except……. research from Victoria in Oz shows many people suffering from ‘long Covid’ did not contract Covid. They did get jabbed though…..

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