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Get me a feather

So I can be knocked down:

Playground bullies do prosper – and go on to earn more in middle age
Five-decade UK study finds that aggression at school leads to better-paying jobs, while those with emotional instability went on to earn less

No, that’s wrong.

Children who displayed aggressive behaviour at school, such as bullying or temper outbursts, are likely to earn more money in middle age, according to a five-decade study that upends the maxim that bullies do not prosper.

They are also more likely to have higher job satisfaction and be in more desirable jobs, say researchers from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex.

That might be right.

It’s not that having been a bully leads to such things. It’s that the same character traits lead to both such things. And, umm, that aggressive and even o verbearing men do better is such a surprise, yes?

5 thoughts on “Get me a feather”

  1. ‘But the rise of the #MeToo movement had turned around corporate culture.’

    Really? I’d call #MeToo a fine example of bullying and aggression getting lots of loot and dumping Weinstein in prison.

  2. But the rise of the #MeToo movement had turned around corporate culture.

    I’m pretty sure “PoundMeToo” will prove one of the most disastrous femiNazi attacks on corporate culture for women themselves. No man wants to catch an accusation (real or fake) from a woman in their organisation, so we’ve returned to the culture of the 1950’s where males-and-females cannot have meetings behind closed doors, only in open areas or with other female colleagues present.

    What limited male/female mentoring that was taking place is now scuppered.

    You’ve even got male members of staff refusing to get into elevators with lone females.

    That glass ceiling just got another layer of glazing.

  3. Anecdotally, I found the bullies in my school to be the largest chromosome coasters I’ve ever come across. I think that 30 years later 1 died of alcoholism and the others are working in some shithole factory in Manchester.

  4. “In return for not hitting any of the masters, the Head had allowed Grayson certain privileges, such as having unmarried Filipino women in his room, smoking opium, and having a sauna instead of prayers.”

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