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Ignorant, ignorant, tossing fuckwit

Big tobacco is back, aided and abetted by the Nationals. We can’t let them win on vapes
Monique Ryan

From 1 July the only vapes available in this country should be those prescribed by medical practitioners and dispensed by pharmacies. As a paediatrician who has witnessed the extraordinary increase in childhood vaping addiction in Australia, I wish our government had the courage to do this years ago. As a politician, I’m watching with concern the pushback from the tobacco and vaping lobby – and the political parties they support.

Cretin. Because of course legal vapes won’t be the only ones on sale.

Apparently the Australians have given up on teaching kiddies about Canute and the tides. Stupid Cnuts.

7 thoughts on “Ignorant, ignorant, tossing fuckwit”

  1. So important we stop children vaping in case they get ADDICTED while the NHS offers them free tranny hormones.

  2. Tim

    You’re making me wonder whether I should vote for the Nationals instead of the Libs.


    I understood the NHS was stopping prescribing puberty blockers??

  3. Bboy – the NHS is no longer going to routinely offer puberty blockers to children, unless they’re part of a clinical trial (wink, wink).

    The “gender clinics” are still in business. The rainbow lanyard perverts are still in situ. The pipeline of LGBTQing vulnerable girls in school is still in operation. When Labour gets in, the long-promised “conversion ban” will create the legal framework to jail parents who resist their children being transgendered.

    It’s like Brexit, mate.

  4. Aided by the Nationals? Wot, Wembley and England vs Scotland? We won The Vase in the Nationals against Ferriby 25 years ago.

  5. It took me a 30sec Google search after moving more than 500kms to the outskirts of Victoria to find my cheap illegally imported cigarettes. I searched for ‘vapes Mildura’, best way to locate the shops with a back room full of black market. Just down the road from me too, in a shopping centre, called ‘The Smoking Club’. So vaping, although I loathe it myself, can be useful. And yeah, banning it (or trying to tax it out of existence) won’t work.

    Monique Ryan is a tosser who believes she has actual power.

  6. Ltw said:
    “… find my cheap illegally imported cigarettes … in a shopping centre, called ‘The Smoking Club’.”

    Cunningly disguised then?

  7. Yeah, I found that amusing too. They do sell some legal smokes plus ashtrays, papers, filters and the like, but I’m willing to bet the vast majority of their trade is under the counter. There’s no nonsense about introductions by an existing customer, codenames, etc anymore, they don’t try very hard to hide it, so presumably TPTB have more or less given up. At the retail end anyway. I believe they seize the occasional container load at the docks.
    If they tighten the rules on vapes, presumably same outcome. Price might go up a bit I suppose.

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