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That it took so long for the streamers to renegotiate terms with Sag-Aftra, Porter says, has resulted in a shrinking middle class of working actors. “Those Friends people are making $100m a year!” he exclaims. “I’m getting six-cent cheques! It’s not OK!”
The Pose star plays a divorcing dad in Our Son, but he has other things on his mind – such as getting paid, why his James Baldwin biopic is like Barbie and trying to understand the Israel-Gaza conflict

Billy Porter is known for going big.


7 thoughts on “OK”

  1. An explanation for Mr Porter: Friends audience 30-50 million depending on season; Pose audience just over half a million.

  2. Well, I’ve never heard of him, of course.

    But I was certainly pissed off when I looked at the reference and saw a bloke rather than a beautiful bird.

  3. Could be worse he could be white, just back from a short trip to the U.K., and the representation bias in the media is even worse than Canada

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