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OK, so we know this prize is bullshit then

Naomi Klein and Laura Cumming shortlisted for inaugural Women’s prize for nonfiction

No, not just giving a prize to Naomi Klein – a good enough sign of bullshot, obviously – but one for non-fiction?

6 thoughts on “OK, so we know this prize is bullshit then”

  1. “Our magnificent shortlist is made up of six powerful, impressive books that are characterised by the brilliance and beauty of their writing and which each offer a unique, original perspective,” said judging chair and historian Suzannah Lipscomb.

    Well that’s a fucking lie.

  2. Inaugural Women’s prize for nonfiction?

    More like, “Let’s make up a new category so that we can honor our bien pensant friends.”

  3. Doppelganger

    Isn’t that where Ms Klein complains about being mixed up with Ms Wolf ?

    The difference is quite simple :

    Naomi Klein is mad and wrong about everything.
    Naomi Wolf is crazy and wrong about most things

    Hope that sorts it out for you guys.

  4. Otto – Naomi Wolf only became crazy when she started questioning the lockdowns and vaccines.

    I think she became sane.

    Also, Naomi Wolf has great hair and you definitely would, but Naomi Klein has turned into a raddled yenta.

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