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On the next honours list

There’s a slightly odd convention – so I am told. That later PMs do not take honours until earlier PMs have had their. Tone took a K, so that’s OK, so did Major. Brown, G, hasn’t had one yet. That then blocks Cameron, May, Boris, Truss and Rishi from their.

Cameron was put into the Lords to be For Sec. That doesn’t breach the convention. But all of them are, in theory, eligible for anything from K to an Earldom, at their choice. But only once Brown G has had his. And if he refuses honours then he’s cockblocking them all.

Now, how much this convention is going to be kept to if Brown, G, keeps this up is another matter. For the thing about convention is that it can be changed. But that is how I understand it works right now. Until Gordon the Viking takes summat the rest can’t get anything.

A more minor interest will be how many of them try to go for the Earldom, if allowed a gong at all. The old objection, that we’d then end up with the great grandson of a PM as an hereditary legislator no longer applies, as an hereditary does not gain a seat in HoL. The specific would have to be the Earldom which inherits, plus a Life Peerage which does not, as the elevation to the Lords for an ex-PM.

My best guess is that Dave is gagging to be an Earl, May would like to be a Countess and the others I don’t know about.

24 thoughts on “On the next honours list”

  1. Suits me. Come the Revolution, it’s the aristocracy goes first to the guillotine. Anyone not want to see Call Me Dave’s head blinking in a basket?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    What happens when he dies if he hasn’t taken one?

    I suppose if its not happened before they can just issue the honours on the basis as there’s no precedent they can do whatever they want and that becomes the new convention?

  3. Is there any restriction on place names you can adopt as the second part.
    Being the Earl of Cats Bottom would suit GG one day.

  4. I like Bloke in Spain’s idea.

    I propose that Cameron’s head should then be given to a bunch of drunken Old Etonians.

    What could possibly happen next?

  5. That jumped little crook Wilson took a Baroncy as I recall as did Callaghan and the Blessed Margaret (pbuh). Knighthoods are more than the rest deserved.

    I think that an hereditary will never be given again, those days are long past. Macmillan’s son succeeded without any problem, but Eden’s son was an outrageous gayer, whom I believe died of something unpleasant.

  6. Michael van der Riet

    Jack Dee has an excellent series of videos on his YouTube channel on the theme So What. I think that the word DILLIGAF originated in Australia. Earldoms knighthoods and countesses, what a wunch of bankers.

  7. On the subject of national heroes, I see Sleepy Joe’s claiming to have seen the Second World War. He hit the beach at Omaha in the first wave in his pram. Carrying a Garrand & a sack of grenades. Youngest ever major in the US Army.

  8. I would like Truss to get exactly the same as the rest to make up for how she was shafted by the establishment and to provide the clearest possible evidence to May, Cameron and to a lesser extent Johnson how little they are respected.

    Is there a minor overseas award for someone like Rishi with such tenuous connections and loyalty to this country? If he wants something decent he should ask the wef as that’s who he really works for,

  9. Wow. Brown does something * I approve of.
    He’s just gone up infinitely in my estimation.

    * ok technically he’s done nothing, but the effect…

  10. Tbf there’s only two I’d like to see hanged for treason. Toni for his years of treachery and Boris for his response to Covid.

    But I’m open to persuasion.

  11. Aren’t Blair and Major KGs, though? Garter’s personal gift of the monarch, I thought – which overrides a bunch of the conventions (also Brown would be KT anyway, being a Scot).

    No non-royal hereditary peerage has been issued since Macmillan’s Earldom, no non-royal hereditary anything since the Thatcher Baronetcy (now held by Sir Mark).

    I, too, was surprised that hereditary peerages weren’t put back on the menu when hereditaries lost their seats in the Lords (can’t you imagine Oor Tone or Call Me Dave going for Earl Beckham?). No-one understands the knighthoods grand cross, and there are loads of sporting and acting and musical knights and dames that modern PMs would love to give a higher title to. Viscount (Elton) John. Earl (Paul) MacCartney. Countess (Judi) Dench. Marchioness (Joanna) Lumley. So I suspect there has to be some reason why no-one’s started spraying hereditary peerages around the celebocracy.

  12. @Richard Gadsden – March 8, 2024 at 4:01 pm

    No non-royal hereditary peerage has been issued since Macmillan’s Earldom, no non-royal hereditary anything since the Thatcher Baronetcy (now held by Sir Mark).

    I’m sure that I remember William Whitelaw, Thatcher’s deputy PM, being given an hereditary Earldom on his retirement. This could have been a joke on MT’s part as Whitelaw had no issue. 🙂

  13. Just looked it up and Viscount Tonypandy (ex-Speaker) was created between Whitelaw and Stockton.

    The only hereditary creations since Stockton are the four royal creations of York (1986), Wessex (1999), Cambridge (2011), Sussex (2018) and the various subsidiary titles granted alongside them. The Earldom of Forfar (c. 2019) is also hereditary (granted to Prince Edward to have a title for his son to use in Scotland when Charles decided to make Edinburgh a life peerage). Note that all the royal Dukes holding English duchies hold a Scottish secondary Earldom (Earl of Inverness for York, Earl of Strathearn for Cambridge, Earl of Dumbarton for Sussex).

    Routine non-royal creations of hereditary peerages were ended by Harold Wilson in 1964 – the last Barony was Margadale on 1 Jan 1965 (for John Morrison). The only more recent baronies are the subsidiary Irish titles created for the Dukes of York, Cambridge and Sussex.

    The last routine Viscountcy was Dilhorne, for Reginald Manningham-Butler, a former Lord Chancellor (in 1964)

    The last routine Earldom was Alexander of Hillsborough, for A V Alexander (First Lord of the Admiralty for most of WWII), granted as an upgrade to a Viscountcy in 1963.

    Marquesses have always been quite rare and the last granted was Willingdon in 1936, as an upgrade to an Earldom after retiring as Viceroy of India.

    Non-royal Dukedoms have been even rarer. If you exclude those given to the husbands of princesses, and recreations after some succession problem, the most recent is Westminster (1874), and there are only a handful of others since George I (Sutherland, Buckingham and Chandos and Wellington)

    [Aside: “recreation after some succession problem”, lots of 1st Dukes were already the 7th Earl or Marquess of somewhere and got upgraded. In some cases that 1st Duke had sons and/or grandsons but no further issue, so the title became extinct, while the 1st Earl was many generations earlier, so a cousin would inherit it. That cousin or his descendants would then start petitioning to be upgraded again to a Duke and, often after a few decades or a century, a monarch would consent and recreate the title for the present Earl]

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