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Possibly, just possibly…..

….even the American media are getting indigestion here:

Lichtman added: “If this was anybody but Trump, any other presidential candidate on trial, it would be the trial of the century and the mainstream media would be screaming that, if the candidate got convicted, he should be bounced from the campaign. Instead they’ve misrepresented and trivialised this case.”

All this insistence that Orange Man Bad is being rejected by that basic gut feel. Lawfare, well, yes it works, but only up to a point. When the gut feel of the populace is that it’s all very politically partial then perhaps it doesn’t?

8 thoughts on “Possibly, just possibly…..”

  1. ‘The irate chorus aimed at one of America’s most storied media institutions followed finger-pointing at the legal system for failing to stop Trump in his tracks.’

    It’s just plain evil that the system can’t be rigged to have Trump executed.

  2. “The NYT is biased for Trump” has its parallel in “The bbc is too right-wing” (and too pro-Israel in the opinion of certain demographics).

  3. Although I’ve been intrigued by UK politics for years, it was only during the BLM disaster that I became interested in US politics.
    How any worldwide movement could spring up because of the death of a drugged up career criminal was err, surprising. Then after some research it seemed to me the Democrat Party was inciting it and it seemed incredible that a bunch of politicians would incite murder and riots just to broaden their voter base. I suppose with that and the crushing of Western society with lunacies like Net Zero, I started to suspect a plan and it seemed that Orange Man was not in the cabal. Subsequent events have proved that whoever is running poor old Dopey Joe isn’t too astute and failed to realise the potential of martyrdom.

  4. Allan Lichtman, a history professor at American University in Washington, said: “He’s going to be on trial for 34 felony counts in less than three weeks and the mainstream media has barely indicated the importance of this.

    “‘Oh, it’s just a hush-money trial.’ No it’s not. He’s not on trial for hush money. He’s on trial for election fraud, not just paying the hush money but deceiving the American people by concealing it as a business expense.”

    His yarmulke spun off his head in a fakakta of Hebraic rage, and is now Jewishly approaching the orbit of Neptune, where it hopes to open an immigration law firm.

  5. Since a lot of the actual news (as in novelty) around the trials has to do with malfeasance on the prosecution’s part, it’s unsurprising that it’s getting soft-pedalled.

    And they’ve been shouting about it in editorials for years. It doesn’t sell papers anymore (to the extent that ever did).

  6. Subsequent events have proved that whoever is running poor old Dopey Joe isn’t too astute and failed to realise the potential of martyrdom.

    Even the few non-Fed members of the Klan and the few actual white supremacist nutters in the US were smarter than this when Obama was president. The last thing they wanted was a martyred Saint Obama.

  7. I sneeze in threes

    What’s the difference between someone who pays hush money and a victim of blackmail and extortion?

  8. I sneeze in threes

    The payer of hush money is Donald Trump and the victim of blackmail and extortion is Hunter Biden??

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