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Simple solution here

The rule of law is declining across the EU

Everybody should leave the EU therefore.

Of course, the report is wildly different from that. It actually portrays the EU – snigger – as the protector of the rule of law.

10 thoughts on “Simple solution here”

  1. The rule of law is, like tolerance, an expression which implies goodness and rightness but is not in itself right or good. One can imagine a nation with universal rule of law which was an authoritarian dystopia.

  2. The political science is settled, so keep doubling the left-wing dose until the medicine starts working.

  3. The article makes clear the problems are due to far-right parties influencing power (no mention of peaceful immigrants being a factor because in guardian world this can never be the case).

    Thankfully it also sets out the solution. Since voters can no longer be trusted countries must either completely ban these parties or else replace the troublemakers with good Europeans like Donald Tusk.

  4. I think the fact that certain governments are taking steps to tackle ‘NGOs’ sounds excellent – there’s a clue in the name – ‘Non- Governmental organizations’. The whole point of them is they aren’t meant to govern. So hopefully the UK can follow suit and start tackling them. That said – pigs might fly before that occurs.

  5. The law is never moral or ethical. It’s just a way of allowing everyone to know where they stand and what they can do. The law is always behind society when society decides to change where to stand or what you can do.

  6. rhoda klapp: True, but it would at least be predictably dystopian. An authoritarian state with a strong rule of law wouldn’t, by definition, be a dictatorship, because the rule of law stands in direct opposition to the rule of whim and diktat. What’s happening in the once-free world today with the erosion of the rule of law is the rise of arbitrariness under the guise of “discretion”.

    “Don’t worry about this law here; it’s not meant to be used against you. It could be, in theory, but the authorities will use their discretion.” That’s not remotely as comforting as they want you to think it is. Quite the opposite.

    And, of course, this isn’t what the article’s talking about.

  7. Everybody should leave the EU therefore.
    Good grief. You’re not trying to suggest the rule of law is better protected outside the EU & using the UK as an example, are you?
    The article makes clear the problems are due to far-right parties influencing power
    And you wait until a “far-right” party tries to get established in the UK. Remember what happened to Nick Griffin & is happening to Tommy Robinson?

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Mark Galeotti, the Russia and organised crime specialist, reckons that the sons and daughters of the oligarchs have a vested interest in seeing the rule of law introduced in Russia as a way of protecting their wealth, obviously on the basis that existing wealth is maintained.

    It’s a much easier for them to keep that wealth if they can use rule of law rather than risking it to continued capricious authoritarianism and gangsterism.

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