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The last line is missing here

My suggestion is a simpler one. If you really think that being Chancellor is going to be so difficult that you have to talk about it all the time then you’re not up to the job .

No one pretends that such a role is ever going to be easy. In that case what it requires is that the person willing to undertake it have the confidence to take on the task.

I’m not asking for the self-confidence that tips into arrogant foolishness. We all know the risks in that.

Instead, what is required is that quiet self-confidence that competence delivers.

Rachel Reeves clearly thinks she lacks that because of her perpetual references to the difficulty of the task. It really does make me wonder whether she is fit to undertake it.

And therefore arise Lord Smurf, the peer to save us in our hour of need…..

12 thoughts on “The last line is missing here”

  1. At least we could be sure that Lord Spud wouldn’t lapse into “arrogant foolishness”. Oh, no, never…

  2. An ageing population means that social costs etc. are inevitably rising fast. Normally increases in productivity would pay for these rising costs however UK productivity has been almost flat for nearly 15 years.

    Resolving the problem of increasing consumption not being met by the static production is not something any chancellor is going to be able to manage if they and their party ever hope to get reelected.

    The fact that Murphy doesn’t grasp why it’s hard, once again shows that he doesn’t get that money is just a token that can be exchanged for assets, but only if the assets actually exist.

  3. Demographics don’t lie and are being exacerbated by the manufacture of a class of non-functional benefit dependents completely free to spawn further social media addicted parasites

    The proportion of the population actually doing anything useful and contributing to national wealth is reducing quickly

    At the older end experienced and talented individuals see no point in continuing to support the Ponzi scheme and are leaving their jobs to pursue more worthwhile activities and avoid paying taxes on just about everything

    In the meantime the government is doing all it can to bankrupt the nation by pursuing Net Zero and sacrificing all productivity in the name of woke policies and ‘fairness’ while importing unskilled labour to perform work that should be done by the aforementioned parasites

    The country is currently in a death spiral

  4. <i.importing unskilled labour to perform work that should be done by the aforementioned parasites

    Not to mention importing more parasites. Literally by the boat load.

  5. Starfish is spot on – and reiterates the message that Steve points out almost daily.

    We are at the eleventh hour.

    – White people are being systematically discriminated against by every single arm of the state. Mandatory seizure of property to be redistributed in the name of ‘Equity’ or ‘Reparations’ looks likely to occur in less than a decade.

    – The police are engaged in systematic abuse of anyone who is White, Male, Heterosexual or indeed in any way Conservative. At the same time, pro terrorist protestors operate throughout the country with complete impunity, whether of a Muslim or Environmentalist bent.

    – The economy is on the verge of total collapse, kept spluttering on by a combination of accounting chicanery and official deception.

    – We have a governing class that is engaged in wholesale re-engineering of society along feudal lines

    There is however one things that could seal our doom.

    That is listening to or following any single aspect of Murphy’s Program. He could be the potato that metaphorically breaks the camel’s back

  6. Professor of political economy doesn’t understand that English as used by politicians. Haiyaa.
    “Difficult decisions” means difficult for the people on the receiving end of the decision.
    Abolishing the WFA and adding £5/week to the State Retirement Pension is an easy win for a Chancellor, but means difficult decisions for the home worker civil servants who administer it. Who then have the difficult task of getting another job.
    Reeves has my vote as least bad potential chancellor here.

  7. I would rather have someone scared of the difficulty of a difficult job in there than someone who thinks a difficult job is easy because they’re just that good.

    Doubly so when the latter person has demonstrated no actual ability whatsoever over the course of the last three decades of observation.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    An ageing population means that social costs etc. are inevitably rising fast.

    Its not like we didn’t see it coming.

    Maggie used to go on about the demographic timebomb and wanted to raise retirement ages significantly but was shouted down, not least by her own side. By the time Blair came in it was obvious that we were all living significantly long and something needed to be done and for once we had an economy that could pay for it: more doctors, nurses, raising retirement age and changing care funding rules, but he chose mass immigration of instead.

    Now we have the most productive and wealthy retiring and receiving state pensions and they will be cared for by the state in their dotage so that their already comfortable off spring can become even wealthier.

  9. the potato will always be linked to corbynomics. The current leadership of the labour party believes corby is electoral poison and will run a mile from his spudship. The tories would welcome him being with labour for the same reason. A muslim party would certainly welcome corby into the fold and his spudship has shown his support for the genocidal animals of hamas and his dislike of paying interest on investments which i believe islam is not in favour of.

    As his spudship is constantly changing his ideas varying between Moar tax and letting the printers roar via MMT or any of of the crackpot schemes he’s in favour of, i’m waiting for him to suggest a return of the gold standard, but this time based on the potato – the spud standard or murphys folly.

  10. Dennis, Gold Medalist In Unnecessary Snark

    Instead, what is required is that quiet self-confidence that competence delivers.

    Says the guy who can’t shut up about anything…

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