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This is a bit off, yes

A council has apologised after parents were offered primary school class photos that excluded pupils with complex needs.

Parents whose children attend Aboyne Primary in Aberdeenshire were horrified and complained after being sent a link from a photography company offering them two versions of the class pictures.

The mother of a child with additional support needs said she was left “absolutely heartbroken” after her child was removed from her school photo.

That Tamsina not be shown alongside the mongo might sell piccies. But, err, you know, If that’s the school class then that’s the school class. As – and I’ve been trying to recall where this line comes from – if she’s good enough to get into the school then she’s good enough to be in the piccie, right?

16 thoughts on “This is a bit off, yes”

  1. The Zinoviev family were horrified when young Grigory’s image started disappearing from photos of the Central Committee.

  2. pupils with complex needs… a child with additional support

    Did someone leave the euphemism generator running?

  3. When I was a lad the mental defectives, as they were then known, had classes of their own held in a separate building on the far side of the playground. They also had their own playtime, different from everyone else’s.

    Was that a better system? Better for whom? I know nowt about the matter except that I’ll bet that the change was brought about for reasons not of evidence but of sentimentality. Mind you, given the rubbish that’s passed off as evidence in educational research …

    As for the photos: I couldn’t have been so heartless. Maybe that’s me being sentimental.

  4. What does ‘complex needs’ even mean? I know some parents don’t want their kids in pics. That is fine but for some bureaucrat to decide to remove the ugly/disabled/spas ones and generate two sets is a bit much.

    When will be able to start giving these people a good kicking?

  5. I’m sure the school has lots about inclusivity and diversity in its “mission statement”.

  6. I’m truly surprised they’re not doing school photos with all the white kids excluded from them. Seems to be common with everything else. You wouldn’t think whites ever bought clothes or groceries.

  7. Primary school photos were great fun in the 1960s.

    The lengthy shutter speed meant that one or two absolute heroes could run behind the group from left to right and thereby be included twice – which counted as pretty cool behaviour for under 10s. Nowadays it’s probably bringing a gun to school.

  8. “if she’s good enough to get into the school”

    Is she? Or was there a move to “integrate”, which means that all the children are in the same class, it’s moving at the speed of the slowest child, so they learn nothing other than that it’s easy to disrupt the class?

    It’s “council”. Haven’t read the article because I cannot be bothered to get past the paywall, but that says it’s a government school, not private. So they’ll have to take them all.

  9. While living in the Philippines a friend had a child “with complex needs”. According wifey, they had been blessed by God.

    To be given such a child meant God believed you were up to it, making the parents special too.

    Not a bad way to look at it.

  10. Aboyne is in the wilds of Scotland – I used to live down the road and passed the school every few days when cycling to the Co-op or the library. If you removed all the white kids from the photo, there’d be nobody there. I’m sure Hamas Yousaf would take that as evidence that there are too many white people in Scotland.

  11. There’s also a story about some media women with a child that has downs complaining about needing a doctors note for the kid to go on a school trip to a trampoline park, safety standards aren’t allowed to trounce feelings it seems.
    There’s a truly bizarre and a bit creepy ad in Canada on discrimination about not treating a downs person as an adult where one scene is complaining about bar keeper assuming they won’t order alcohol etc.

  12. Otto "Phones" kring

    Seeing as Stingray is set in the future, I wonder if this Terence Tempest chap will be an ancestor of Troy.

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