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This is more than a little aggressive

A spokesman said: “The decision to include a man who has been charged, and pleaded guilty to, assaulting his wife, in the Celebrity Big Brother house demonstrates the lack of awareness that the production team has when it comes to survivors of domestic abuse.

“The producers should consider how Gary Goldsmith’s appearance will impact women who have survived domestic abuse and how they will feel watching him on TV every night.”

The Americans restrict voting rights upon conviction. Apparently we’re supposed to restrict TV appearance rights?

8 thoughts on “This is more than a little aggressive”

  1. The biggest crime that I can see here are those committed by the lady from Womens Aid. Go away and rewrite that sentence.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    A small sartorial observation if I may: it’s not a good idea to dress in such as a way that creates uncertainty about where the chins end and the roll-neck jumper begins.

  3. One could argue that Big Brother is performing a valuable public service. It allows an audience of potential victims to see the behaviour of an authentic b*****d and learn what they should avoid getting into bed with.

  4. Television should only be for people with unimpeachable character, such as Huw Edwards and Phillip Schofield.

  5. Don’t worry Steve.

    ITV, the new home of celebrity big brother, would never let a disgusting sleazebag like Scully appear in one of their programmes.

  6. Here in the US, we are way ahead of you. We are removing TV appearance rights on mere accusation rather than conviction. Some of the cable news channels are refusing to air Donald Trump “because he lies all the time and is an insurrectionist”. I believe that if they could they would retroactively remove him from The Apprentice.

    Anyway, looking forward to the State of the Union address tonight to see how they do “Weekend at Brandon’s”.

  7. John – but have a looky wook at this:

    A Big Brother spokesman said: “All housemates undertake training in language and behaviour before entering the Big Brother house. All behaviour in the house is strictly monitored at all times.”

    Can Rory Bremner sue for loss of earnings?

  8. …and how they will feel watching him on TV every night.”

    If it bothers them that much, I suppose they won’t be watching him at all, now will they?

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