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Trade offs, all is trade offs

A contraceptive injection has been linked to brain tumours in women, a BMJ study has found.

Researchers found those who had used the contraceptive injection were 5.6 times more likely to develop a brain tumour. The study was the first to assess the risk of treatments using the hormone progesterone in relation to brain tumours.

8 thoughts on “Trade offs, all is trade offs”

  1. The problem is that those pushing these drugs may be either unaware, downplay or remain silent about possible ‘trade offs’.

    We’re the recipients told “ you do realise that taking this drug could increase the risk of you suffering a brain tumour by 560%”?

    How many people were told of the ‘trade offs’ before allowing medical ‘professionals’ to inject them with an untested* experimental drug?

    *Untested in the normal understanding of the term prior to 2021.

  2. Saying that it increases the risk by 5.6 times is the utterly meaningless way of reporting medical risk that journalists love.
    If the “normal” incidence was say (for illustration) 1 in 5.6 million the increased risk then becomes on in a million. If you then say “if you take this drug you run a million to one risk of brain tumor!” it’s not going to get a lot of interest.


    Amazing what a bit of Google-fu can find, since the ShoutyGraph is keen on linking to its own articles, but nothing actually relevant to the article.

    And yes, it’s a proper scientific article: technical and dry as old biscuits. And indeed, there seems to be a marked increase for three substances.
    Such a shame that, as AndyF already surmised, the base number is so small….

    Also note that if you read the BMJ article well, you see that the people used in the statistic-fu were already diagnosed with this type of cancer, which seems to be, as our Host surmised, “the price for being able to bear babies”, and mostly post-menopausal. ( check the median age… It’s in the abstract..)

    The people with the “increased risk” were the ones within that particular group who had to undergo surgery for this relatively common and generally quite “benign” type of cancer.
    As in: the ones seemingly already extremely sensitive to progesterogens to begin with in this respect.

    There’s (unsurprisingly) a link there, but nothing as sensational and “dangerous” as the ShoutyGraph tries to make of it.

    As usual, if the increase was a factor 100 or even 10 bigger… Might be a case for worry. But this? Wibble.

  4. Seems like we were meant to have sex with our wives and make babies, and all the alternatives are worse for you.

  5. A quick trawl of Reddit reveals many, many stories of women whose feelings about their partners suddenly changed when they either stopped or started birth control.

    I just assumed all that was Normal for Women, and triggered by a change in wind direction. It must have taken some heroic detective work to narrow it down to birth control!

  6. I sneeze in threes

    From Chris Williamson’s channel.

    “ Dr Sarah Hill is the author of This Is Your Brain On Birth Control, a psychologist and professor at TCU whose research focusses on women, health, and sexual psychology.

    Women ovulate, and this changes their behaviour across their cycle. Unless they take hormonal birth control that is, in which case their behaviour changes even more dramatically in ways that no one anticipated and there is evidence to suggest that this might not just be temporary.

    Expect to learn why hormonal birth control can make women prioritise wealth in men, why women who come off are less sexually satisfied with partners they chose when they were on birth control, the relationship between taking the pill with anxiety, depression, bisexuality and stress, whether it’s a good thing for women to have sex with men who they wouldn’t marry and much more…”

  7. Steve:

    Seems like we were meant to have sex with our wives and make babies, and all the alternatives are worse for you.

    ROFL!!! Oh gods you’re so funny!! 😀

    You do realise that progesteron is the hormone that washes through a woman’s body for 9 months when she’s pregnant?…

    It’s the “having babies” that increases the risk for this kind of cancer to begin with…

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