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Well, logically, yes

The Tories are an anti-Muslim mob

What do you expect with a Hindoo as party leader?

Just for the hard of thinking. This is a very cheap shot at an obvious point. It is not a reflection of my views on anything at all. Other than that Professor Richard J Murphy is known to offer up all sorts of opportunities for very cheap shots.

19 thoughts on “Well, logically, yes”

  1. Maybe Murphy should offer to be economics adviser to George Galloway. The clash of egos would be hilarious for spectators.

  2. If the Tory party were anti-Muslim, we’d have a country with low unskilled migration from the Indian subcontinent, 1,000s less raped white girls, less antisemitism, less drug funded super car hire & sales places, it’d smell better and the word “innit” would be banned.

  3. The Tories are an anti-Muslim mob
    If only they were, they might have a chance of being re-elected. Voters might even forgive them being economic morons.

  4. I sneeze in threes

    Don’t mobs tend to have some sort of unifying purpose or objective, even if somewhat inchoate? That doesn’t sound much like the Tories to me.

    Factio Conservativa delenda est

  5. Well – I have to say his latter post was arguably his most offensive ever (and that is saying something) – anyone denying he is the embodiment of pure evil should read it – I print it here to see the kind of mind we are dealing with (Apologies to those of a sensitive disposition)

    I would like to reflect on something other than the failure of British (and maybe broader politics) to reflect the views of moderate people this morning, but that is hard to do.

    The very notion that someone who openly supports pro Hamas demonstrations across the country and advocates policies which amount to seizure of all private property and total economic servitude is ‘moderate’ may strike many as strange.

    I have already commented on George Galloway’s win in Rochdale. I won’t repeat the comments I made there. But there is more to say.

    It’s like the real life embodiment of Dr. Heinz Kiosk – ‘We are all Guilty!!’

    This is most especially true because of the implicit message in this vote. Muslim people were saying that they do not want to be oppressed.

    Those demonstrators across London every weekend (And in other cities) come across as super oppressed, as opposed to the Jewish school children advised not to wear any symbols of their faith openly for reasons of personal safety.

    There should get nothing surprising about this message. Who would want to be oppressed? If there has been a persistent theme in politics over the last 200 or so years it has been the desire to end oppression.

    I’d imagine Christians and Jews in the Middle East would be the first to agree with that sentiment – if any were left.

    It was reflected in the campaign for universal suffrage. Since then it has been reflected in the rightful demand for equality and respect for differences.

    One thing radical Muslims agree on is a total contempt for Western democracy in all its facets. If you’re going to pose as the champion of something you should have some idea what you’re talking about but as you have no economic understanding (despite claiming to be a professor of the subject) and no knowledge of accounting (despite claiming to be an accountant) it’s hardly surprising

    Now we are backsliding on both fronts. The Tories are openly gerrymandering, restricting the rights of younger and poorer people to vote in particular using totally trumped up arguments. Labour can’t even field candidates and will not stand up for democratic reforms. No wonder we are in a mess.

    I don’t think the Voter ID law has any impact on endemic postal voting fraud across Muslim run areas.

    And then there is backsliding on equality. Women are not being protected, as recent reports on policing make clear. There is no desire in the police to be rid of misogyny.

    Yes – and rape gangs and Honour killing speak to that fierce feminist desire that runs through the Islamic faith

    The whole LGBTQ+ community feels under threat, and with good reason.

    I thought this was a pro Muslim screed? Name me an Islamic country where LGTBQ is tolerated?

    Debate on anti-Semitism now has an apparent entry requirement that those partaking be Zionist and support a fascist government in Israel.

    As opposed to supporting Fascists in Gaza and allowing marches on their behalf?

    The government is fuelling racist sentiment via its immigration policy.

    Allowing a city the size of Birmingham in per year, with London the target on an annual basis is ‘racist’?

    Anti-Islamic feeling is rife amongst Tories.

    So you prefer a creed that is openly misogynistic, violently homophobic and opposed to any kind of religious pluralism because ‘The Tories don’t like it? Do you even think before typing?

    And meanwhile, Labour and Tories alike appear all too happy to crack down on demonstrations and the right to free speech when the measures available (excepting, perhaps, in the immediate vicinity of MP’s homes where their families, friends and neighbours do need protection) are more than adequate to deal with any risks, and are already draconian in far too many cases.

    This from someone utterly opposed to freedom of assembly for those in favour of Brexit or opposed to militant environmentalism

    All this is about the fostering of extremism, not least by our mainstream political parties, who seem to be far too willing to adopt intolerant positions.

    Of course your tolerance for debate is renowned as any commentator has to prove his bona fides before being permitted to comment

    Most moderate people welcome people, whoever they are.

    Except for the 20,000 you have blocked on Twitter

    They understand differences and the need to respect them.

    ‘That’s your last post here’ as you might say

    They abhor discrimination because there has been the most incredible change in mindsets in my lifetime.

    Unless its discrimination against political opponents or Jews

    They hate fascism and those who promote it, because they know the harm it causes.

    Says the man from Hamas

    They also loathe corruption.

    Says the man in favour of ‘The Green New Deal’ and ‘Net Zero’ the two excuses for the greatest amount of state corruption ever known

    And they will not stand aside and tolerate genocide.

    Unless it’s making Palestine ‘Free from the River to the Sea’

    They want action on climate change, nit denial.

    They recognise the potential for abuse of power and the ability to circumvent the democratic process and get away with it.

    They want politicians who stand up for ethical positions, and very rarely are they ever extreme ones. Aristotle understood that long ago. Innately we all do. But it seems that too many of our politicians do not as they move increasingly rapidly towards extreme positions that alienate the moderate majority of the UK, whose tolerance is being abused.

    I haven’t seen more than two dozen of the current Parliament who have opposed the current demonstrations for Jewish genocide so we’re pretty short of Ethical politicians currently.

    What do we do about this?

    To start with people like yourself must be ruthlessly shunned and marginalized at every juncture. Massive cuts across the board. Bigots with public funding need to have it removed.

    First, and foremost, we talk about it.

    Open debate is not your forte Murphy

    And we tell all our politicians that take these positions that they are wrong.

    Unless you want to exterminate Jews and destroy Israel because that is ‘Free Speech’

    That, is where we start.

    Let’s summarize the jist. Anyone opposing the imposition of Islamic ideologies is wrong. Those that support them are moderate and therefore that’s the only acceptable position. Anyone who questions this, whatever their concerns (be them for women, LGBTQ groups, Jews or other religions) is an ‘extremist’ and needs to be removed from the debate.

    And then we need the new vision to replace that of all the extremists. And talking about it is the only way to do that.

    Trying to appease a crocodile by offering it your arm as an amuse bouche isn’t a great strategy but then that would be in keeping with ‘The Fair Tax Mark’, SCA, ‘The Taxing Wealth report’ and indeed everything you have been doing (at the taxpayer expense normally) for the last decade plus

  6. I’d be trying to find out this information for a while since the 2021 census and found it on, all all places, ‘The Muslim Vote’.

    When my mum was born in 1938, I doubt that there was a single parliamentary constituency that had as much as 10% of the electorate who were Muslim. As of 2021, we had 92 such constituencies , including 14 where Muslims represent 30%+ of the electorate.

    That’s quite a change in one person’s lifetime.

  7. Only 14 with 30% of the vote?

    There are 3x Bradford, 3x Bolton, Burnley, 2x Bury, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Keighley and Rochdale just in my neck of the woods that must be close to that.

  8. @Joe Smith

    The Parliamentary constituencies below all have 20%+ Muslim vote.

    Bradford West 54.60%
    Birmingham Hall Green and Moseley 49.90%
    East Ham 43%
    Blackburn 42.90%
    Birmingham Ladywood 42.60%
    Bethnal Green and Stepney 40.10%
    Bradford East 39%
    Dewsbury and Batley 39%
    Birmingham Perry Barr 38%
    Ilford South 37.50%
    Birmingham Yardley 37.40%
    Birmingham Hodge Hill and Solihull North 33%
    Leicester South 31%
    Poplar and Limehouse 30.10%
    Oldham West, Chadderton and Royton 28%
    Stratford and Bow 27.80%
    Manchester Rusholme 27.60%
    Ilford North 27.30%
    Luton North 27%
    Slough 27%
    Rochdale 26.80%
    Luton South and South Bedfordshire 26.10%
    Barking 24.70%
    Gorton and Denton 24.30%
    Brent East 23.50%
    Leicester East 22.50%
    West Ham and Beckton 22%
    Queen’s Park and Maida Vale 21%
    Walthamstow 21%
    Bolton South and Walkden 21%
    Edmonton and Winchmore Hill 20.10%

    Although I am much reassured by the promise on The Muslim Vote website that they want what is best for Britain.

  9. @ Andrew C

    A few of mine on that list. Missed Blackburn, Oldham and Rusholme. What a great part of the country I live in.

    Nuking those places from space would be a great service to the country.

  10. “When my mum was born in 1938, I doubt that there was a single parliamentary constituency that had as much as 10% of the electorate who were Muslim.”

    I’d doubt that was the case even in 1968, when I was growing up in Blackburn. The first BAME (as we didn’t call it then) faces I ever saw were the W African mess stewards on my dad’s merchant ship. Today (as enumerated above) Blackburn is 40+% Pakistani.

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