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Well, yes, sorta

An Australian businessman who once worked with David Cameron is at risk of disqualification as a director after the Government launched proceedings to strike him off.

Lex Greensill is facing action from the Insolvency Service on behalf of Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch, who is seeking to bar him from running British companies.

Details of the claim have not yet been made public. A spokesman for Mr Greensill said he intended to fight the action.

One of those things done in the name of the Business Sec, not one of those things really being done at the instigation of the Business Sec…

It’s correct to say that it’s Chuck III demanding our VAT return but it’s not really correct in detail….

2 thoughts on “Well, yes, sorta”

  1. On the subject of loathsome former PM’s it’s a shame the fish-faced cow waited so long before standing down. Around 1999 would have been ideal.

    Today’s welcome news is tempered by the near certainty that the current loathsome incumbent, who coincidentally also owes his lofty position (the only lofty thing about him) to an extremely dodgy leadership election process as even his own MPs didn’t want him, will ennoble her in his final honours list.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    In the earl ’80s when I was serving in Germany I was orderly Sgt one evening and doing the rounds with the orderly officer when we came upon a young signalman syphoning petrol from a Landrover becuase “he didn’t have enough fuel to get home”. The married quarters were some distance.

    It fell to me to do the reporting and appear as a witness when he was up in front of the CO. When the charge was read out the offence was ” …. stealing petrol from the Secretary of State for Defence, Michael Heseltine contrary to ….”. I knew the form, having been there myself a couple of times, albeit at Squadron Commander level, and writing a charge sheet is part of the training to become a Sgt, but that bit was unexpected.

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