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The founder of troubled music rights firm Hipgnosis has fallen short of music industry standards when advising the London-listed fund, an external report has found.

Short of music industry standa……that pack of thievery, rip off and gangland excess?

11 thoughts on “Whut?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Who knew they even had standards?”

    As the apocryphal annual officer’s report would say:

    This officer sets low standards and consistently fails to achieve them.

  2. Are they the same bunch who designed half of the album sleeves in the 1970s? Tales from fecking Topographic Oceans and all that pretentious sh1t.

  3. ELP asked Hypgnosis for a quote for doing the covers for their Works albums. They decided that the quote was a little high. I think that the design that they eventually went with might have been making some kind of statement.

  4. That artist was Roger Dean, and he also worked for a a video game developer called Psygnosis, which was formed after Imagine went

  5. Half Otto Half Kring

    As in Half Man Half Biscuit’s chorus for the Immortal; Dickie Davies Eyes ?

    And all those people who you romantically
    like to still believe are alive
    are dead
    and ill wipe my snot on the arm of your chair
    as you put another Roger Dean poster on the wall

  6. Hipgnosis is one of those “don’t get emotional about stock” warnings from Gordon Gekko. Like buying shares in the football team you support. Dylan fans liked the idea of buying stock in his mumbling.

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