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Yes, yes, this is the point

Britain’s capability and expertise on foreign aid has been diminished since international development was merged into the Foreign Office, the UK’s public spending watchdog has found.

The National Audit Office, which reports to parliament on public spending, said the transfer of the department to the Foreign Office, overseen by Boris Johnson, had caused a loss of dedicated senior roles in development.

If you merge operations then you can fire some of the expensive bureaucrats at the top. Excellent, job done.

10 thoughts on “Yes, yes, this is the point”

  1. Excellent, job done.

    Job partly done, still plenty of expensive bureaucrats to go. Like Japanese knotweed, you have to eradicate them all to be certain.

  2. Also, hopefully, reduce costs, since the bureaucrats that were funding those Central and Southern African kleptocrats have now been ousted.

    All we need know is to get rid of Baron Cameron of Chipping Norton as Foreign Secretary and we’re much better off.

  3. Given the Tory tactics of “discouraging” immigration, I think foreign aid is now administered by the DWP…

    At least that way not so much of it goes to fund the Indian space program…

  4. I’ve always felt that foreign aid should be relabelled bribes.

    And only transferred to the Swiss bank accounts of foreign thugs AFTER they’ve done what they agreed to.

  5. Yes you can fire some of the expensive bureaucrats at the top, but this is senior civil service. I would suspect that those expensive bureaucrats weren’t fired but given early retirement with Defined Benefit pension rights made up to normal retirement age. So still very expensive for us tax payers.

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