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Ms Hinds returned to work after her maternity leave, but an interview in June 2021 to discuss her needs was “inadequate” and a risk assessment was never carried out, leading to her resignation in September, the hearing was told.

Ms Hinds’s complaints of constructive dismissal and discrimination in relation to Mr Kalley’s description of her and the handling of her complaint were upheld.

The judge was critical of Mr Kalley’s suggestion she was being unreasonable when she complained about her workload.

“In fact she was experiencing significant work related stress in the advanced stages of her pregnancy, had suffered two panic attacks in short succession, felt overwhelmed, was worried about letting others down but equally concerned that she might become seriously unwell,” he said.

So, erm, she was being emotional then:

Describing an expectant mother as “emotional” at work is discrimination, a tribunal has ruled.

Hunh. nd the surprise about people not wanting to employ wimmins is what?

5 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. Expectant mothers may not be certifiably insane, but instinct and nature take over their brains. It is evolution you are dealing with here, logic doesn’t come into it. It is not realistic to expect office/work/social behaviour to be unchanged. Tolerance is required. OTOH you don’t really want a nutcase in your office upsetting all and sundry.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Women of child-bearing age should be kept out of the workplace is what this story tells us. What it doesn’t tell us is why an office worker returning to work after her maternity leave should be involved in a “risk assessment”.

  3. I’m curious. Is it legal to ask candidates whether they have ever sued in an employment tribunal? Or is there a register of court cases?
    If either is so, it would indicate that you only get one go at the compensation.

  4. I’m just coming off a few late nights – testing, being run out of Spain for Australian clients so we compromised on 4pm start for us, 6am start for them. I’m guessing that Ms Hinds wouldn’t have been happy with either of those options. So, diddums.

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