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He doesn’t have any self-awareness at all, does he?

Comments are genuinely welcome, because I may not have put forward the best solution to this problem. I recognise that possibility. But, if I have failed, it does not mean that the problem goes away.

7 thoughts on “He doesn’t have any self-awareness at all, does he?”

  1. It betrays his real motivation. He’s not looking for a better solution; he’s looking for a more socialistic one. If you were to tell him that is “solution” isn’t confiscatory enough, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Show him the actual flaws on the other hand and you’re a reactionary right-wing neoliberal troll.

  2. Murphy’s channel has come up in my recommended list in Youtube. I’m in two minds about whether to watch any of his videos. On the one hand it will be the usual inanities and uninformed commentary, but on the other hand some of the comments would be gold.

    What should I do, brains trust?

  3. What should I do, brains trust?

    Install a browser plugin that prevents youtube autoplaying videos, then enjoy the comments without having to suffer the audio.

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