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Just weird history

I almost felt like asking on Twitter “Whatever did the Glorious Revolution do for you?“ Apart from the suppression of Catholicism, the creation of the Bank of England, the institution of the national debt, the imposition of a monarch who believed in the importance of the navy, largely as a weapon for imperialist, colonialist inspired territorial expansion,

The Glorious Revolution got rid of James II, formerly Lord High Admiral, for Billy III, who was hugely invested in land wars in Europe.

Is even history beyond Spud?

17 thoughts on “Just weird history”

  1. All those things sound quite reasonable. What’s his problem ?

    Under Charles II, Prince Rupert of the Rhine was actually a pretty good admiral. He was just unlucky to come up against a superlative Dutch forward line.

  2. Under Charles II, Prince Rupert of the Rhine was actually a pretty good admiral.

    He’d picked up quite a bit of practice during the Interregnum, when he and his brother indulged in a bit of “private enterprise” in the Caribbean. That’s where Maurice was killed.

  3. Ironically although the glorious revolution was not good for Catholics in the UK it really helped the Pope
    “The subsequent fall of James II in England destroyed French preponderance in Europe and soon after Innocent XI’s death the struggle between Louis XIV and the papacy was settled in favour of the Church”
    It was a good thing for the UK of course – some people think that it enabled the industrial revolution.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    How can anyone know how events that happened nearly 400 years ago affect their lives today? What a twat, he’s just giving himself license to moralise about whatever subject came to him as he inspected his morning stools.

  5. Clearly playing to the gallery – which is deeply ironic given his renowned anti-semitism and support of Hamas

    Why would she do that? Partly because she does, for her own reasons, wish to deny Britain’s racist past, and present, because her denial of that racism is itself racist, in my opinion.

    A deeply loathsome individual who is as craven as he is stupid. I can’t help wishing him every conceivable calamity – just utterly without any redeeming features.

  6. Of course, the navy and associated imperialist expansionist blah blah blah was a major disaster for us. Without it, we could have enjoyed being outcompeted, outgunned, and enslaved by whichever European power thought our turnips were worth stealing.

  7. Banning Catholics? You mean a religious sect might have divided layalties? Good job we don’t have that now.

  8. The Pope had earlier called for English Roman Catholics to assassinate Elizabeth I.

    Was the call repeated for other rulers, being James VI & I, Charles I, Ollie Cromwell, Charles II, James VII and II, William and Mary, and then William II & III on his own? Come to that, Queen Anne?

    P.S. On reading a history of Ollie’s collateral ancestor (multi-great uncle) Thomas Cromwell I learnt that at the time people understood the Cromwells to be of Irish origin, a fact that seems to gain rather little publicity.

    It’s a “fact” in Sir Humphries’ sense – it is a fact that it was widely understood. Wokeypedia begs to differ: “A well-informed but anonymous contemporary chronicler wrote that Walter was of Irish ancestry, but biographer James Gairdner has identified Cromwell family roots in Norwell, Nottinghamshire”. Who you gonna believe?

  9. “A well-informed but anonymous contemporary chronicler wrote that Walter was of Irish ancestry, but biographer James Gairdner has identified Cromwell family roots in Norwell, Nottinghamshire”. Who you gonna believe?

    No reason both can’t be correct. Look more than a couple of generations back and you’ve got plenty of opportunity for family roots to come from widely dispersed locations.

  10. This also shows the silly cunt’s tin ear for comedy – not an unusual trait in these types.

    Where Reg says in the Life of Brian that the Romans have bled the Jews white, and asks ‘what have they ever given us in return?’ he immediately gets a long list of stuff – aqueducts, sanitation, roads, irrigation, medicine, education etc

    The joke obviously being that these are good things.

    So Murphy can’t even adapt a Monty Python joke accurately.

    Actually, when you look at the list, I’d quite like the Romans back now.

  11. A video out of the UK shows a man being visited at home by two police officers and an NHS psychologist after he expressed anger online about the stabbing of a Bishop in Sydney by an Islamist.

    Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was stabbed by a 16-year-old boy at the Assyrian Christ the Good Shepherd church on Monday night, an attack that was caught on camera.

    The teenager walked right up to the bishop as he was giving a sermon and furiously jabbed at him with a knife while shouting “Allahu Akbar” as onlookers desperately tried to wrestle him to the ground.

    After the teen was pinned down, he could be seen smirking.

    Now a new video has emerged showing how an Orthodox Christian man in the UK received a home visit from police and a psychologist for reportedly posting online, “Christians must stand up.”

    The clip shows a female officer explaining how authorities had “a few concerns” about what the man had posted on social media.

    “So why are you here today?” asks the man.

  12. @Sam, at the time that would most likely have been the Dutch. Could have gotten away with it as well.

    But we already had our Century of nonstop proper and civil war. Counting the runup and aftermath, roughly 2 centuries even…
    And England was a right proper mess and the dutch PTB very much didn’t feel like engaging in another Political war when they’d just got things sorted and could prod buttock the way they wanted, where they wanted, and when they wanted.
    For actual Profit.

    There was no Profit to be made in taking over England at that time, even if we theoretically could.

  13. With the expulsion of James II, Engalnd and the Clog Republic now had a common enemy in Louis XIV. He was the most likely candidate to attempt an invasion.

  14. Yeah Otto. I’d argue that some of the Dutch PTB did take over England. And gave it a Dutch king.

    But the weakness of that was that they then had to pour in resources as Grikath says, and give the English PTB concessions in overseas trade in order to gain its support for their war against Louis the Lout.

    Much the same as the Brits conquering India. This was fine for the local administrators. It gave them Indian states to loot, cushy jobs administering them, and meant the Frogs and the locals were too weak to kick them out. But the shareholders of the East India Company and the British government were stuck with the cost of these wars and the nuisance of the political manoeuvres in Europe needed to protect the new possessions.

  15. I thought this plastic paddy with his irish passport was going to fuck off to the eu and gain a job in some third rate euro university so that he could suck on the ample teat of the eu in grants, thus not having to endure the ignominy of living in the UK with all us racists and tories etc.
    What! -he couldn’t get a job in EUland despite having a brain the size of a planet with matching ego. Didn’t Johnny foreigner realise thathe’s the worlds leading expert in everything , with peerless insight to the worlds problems only matched by his modesty?
    Well obviously not. and unfortunately for any students he’s got access to . At least the disintegrating snp loves him. As a bonus Humza useless is a muslim, so his rabid jew hatred of jews and the English warms the cockles of Humzas heart.
    It’s dispiriting to see people of an ethnic background such as Kemi and Suella and of course Ms Birbalsingh are more English than someone born and raised in England (but also a very good sign).
    It’s time the potato slung his hook and planted himself in a corner of a field that is forever not England.

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