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You’re a cunt, Murphy

Since I have commented quite extensively on the Israeli action in Gaza I think I should do so on the Iranian / Israeli conflict.

There are a number of things to point out. The first is that theocracy is not a sound basis for government anywhere. Nor does it produce stability.

I do, of course, have major concerns about the direction of politics in Iran. As it moves increasingly to the right the risk of conflict is growing.

The same is true, though, in Israel where increasingly powerful right-wing theocratic groups have also helped destabilise the country and good government, resulting in the current regime that is as worrying as that in Tehran.

As worrying as that in Tehran, eh? Fuck off.

Mate of mine spent three days in jail in Tehran. Says, it wasn’t much, comparatively, they only gave him the paper treatment (ie, tightly rolled up paper used to beat him). As opposed to hanging him from a crane, say.

His crime? Translating into Farsi something witten by me. Which emphasised the Willy S line, “First thing we do, we kill all the lawyers”. Then getting it published in the Iranian equivalent of The Economist. The line was a little rhetorical flourish, no more, in a piece about the difficulties – poverty in fact – inherent in an overplanned economic system.

He has, of course, now left the country and applied for political asylum.

Equating Tel Aviv and Tehran as political systems? You’re a cunt Murphy and don’t let anyone tell you different.

17 thoughts on “You’re a cunt, Murphy”

  1. How can the Tehran government move “increasingly to the right” ?

    Was Mohammed some sort of Tory ?

    Iran is run by maniacs for whom blowing up the world will be a smal price to pay for destroying Israel.

  2. The first is that theocracy is not a sound basis for government anywhere.
    Seems a strange thing for Spud to write. Since what he retails is, essentially, theocracy. It’s a belief system. Surprising he doesn’t claim “I am the Way, the Light. Believe in me!”

  3. If I were running a grift website called Tax Research, I’d steer well clear of any discussion of the Middle East situation.

  4. Is theocracy unstable? What’s his evidence for that?

    The Byzantine Empire is considered to be a Theocracy, with the Emperor having dominion of both the civil and ecclesiastical aspects of the civilization, being regarded as Gods representative on Earth.

    They lasted from AD 324 – 1453.

    Seems… kinda… stable…?

    Maybe it was one of those neo-liberal Theocracies and therefore doesn’t count…

  5. @Chernyy Stable….. not really… There’s a reason the term “Byzantine Politics” exist, after all…

    The only reason it lasted as long as it did was that it was militarily propped up by western Europe as a plug against the heretic Muslim Hordes.
    Hell.. the Crusades started with a Call for Help from Constantinople because they couldn’t stop Saladin…

    And even at the height of the Crusades the Byzantine Empire was actively avoided because of the experiences of the first Crusade there.

    Long-lasting, yes… Stable? errmmm…. not even remotely….

  6. John Julius Norwich’s history of Byzantium is one long chain of assassinations, coups, massive rioting, plagues and military catastrophes.
    It is actually quite depressing after a while. Rather than ‘theocracy’ Norwich describes it as ‘Caesaropapist’.

    The First Crusade was ushered off of Byzantine territory pretty sharpish ( btw well before Saladin ). The Fourth Crusade in 1204 was actually Venice invading and capturing Constaninople.
    By the time the Ottomans captured it, the city was a tiny remnant of its former self. Inside the walls many of the public buildings had been torn down and the land used as fields.

  7. I’m no expert in Iran’s legal structure, but given the supremacy of Sharia and judges having to consider religion generally, could kill all the “lawyers” be interpreted to mean something like kill all the “clerics” or otherwise imply a religious slur? In which case perhaps not a wise thing to do.

  8. Tim

    My only criticism of this is it’s too mild. He’s the embodiment of Pure Evil and proves that on an almost hourly basis.

  9. “Van_Patten
    My only criticism of this is it’s too mild. He’s the embodiment of Pure Evil”

    It’s not even cunning intelligent sophisticated evil. It’s a stupid, petulant childish evil.

    It would be evil to plot the death of 80% of humans so that the other 20% could live lives of luxury but at least there’s a rationale to that. His evil is without a coherent plan, just thrashing around at things he doesn’t like as an end in itself.

  10. The Pedant-General

    One good thing to come out of this is that it is now very nice and easy to identify who has absolutely no functioning moral compass.

  11. I seriously believe that when those IRI drones aimed at civilians which passed through RAF patrolled air space, Spud would have radioed the Group Captain to let them through.

  12. Well done Jacob Mandy…I urge you all to hit the like button!!!!!

    Jacob Mendy says:
    April 15 2024 at 8:58 am
    You are a retired ex accountant FFS, why are you believing you are a Kissinger type figure whose opinions should be heard on the world stage?..anyway off you go to make a tik-tok video on it. Utterly bizarre..


  13. @Stiv – the sad thing isn’t murphy we all know he’s a no nothing cunt. What’s sad is the assembled arselickers leaping in to defend him at all costs. They are just as bad if not worse than him.

  14. If Biden and co are waiting for some sort of uprising that’s not happening soon, I know a lot of ex-Iranians, they leave as trying to revolt or change things is a form of assisted suicide

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