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An interesting headline, no?

Trump was convicted of 34 felonies. What is Biden’s next move?

Yes, yes, they mean “How does Biden react” not “How does Biden twist and pervert the course of justice once again”.

Well, probably they do.

21 thoughts on “An interesting headline, no?”

  1. As he’s clearly on a roll, evidently with the complicity of the Judicial and Legislative branches of government, I expect that for starters Biden will sign an executive order declaring the result of the November election later this morning.

  2. Well if he were clever and interested in keeping the country at peace (ha!) then he would pardon Trump right now. (Not sure if this is technically possible as it is a state court that convicted DT, but hey, Brandon manged to arrange for him to be convicted, so I’m sure he can find a way of pardoning him.) Then he could say that he has done this in the interest of keeping the election fair.

    But he ain’t and he won’t. So now… we are in totally uncharted territory.

  3. @AGN: US presidents can only pardon Federal crimes, not State ones. States’ rights and all that. Possibly the NY State governor could pardon Trump, but I’ve no idea about NY State law.

  4. How the fuck are intelligent people – people who have seen Biden and heard him talk – still holding in their heads the idea that he is in any way responsible for this?

    The Deep State is marching down the road, in brass band ensemble, holding banners proclaiming WE ARE THE DEEP STATE and shouting FUCK OFF YOU WANKERS at the voters, and people still affect to wonder what ‘Biden’ will ‘do’ and what his ‘next move’ is.


  5. I still don’t believe Biden will be running in November, regardless of his own opinion on the matter.

    The new candidate will have some distance between themselves and the actions of the Biden admin, at least in theory.

    The US situation has just got considerably more dangerous. The vaunted far-right threat to democracy may not have materialized, despite constant goading, but a more reliable far-right can surely be created.

  6. I read the Guardian piece so you don’t have to.

    Trump was convicted of 34 felonies. What is Biden’s next move?
    David Smith in Washington
    Biden has no ‘next move’, ‘David Smith in Washington’. He doesn’t decide what he has for breakfast.

    In a presidential election where poll after poll shows voters favouring Trump over Biden, the president’s tone will be crucial.
    America can be summed up in one word: Azimuphubitiutib.

    Twelve jurors in New York have presented their fellow Americans with a simple question: are you willing to elect a convicted criminal to the White House?
    Twelve jurors in New York have presented their fellow Americans with a simple question: are you as fucking stupid as we think you are? Not that it even matters, dickheads!!! Ha ha ha!

    On Thursday, Donald Trump was convicted of all 34 counts of falsifying business records in his hush-money trial, a verdict making him the first former president to be found guilty of felony crimes in America’s near 250-year history.
    Except that even the odd few decent leftist lawyers and commentators say there was no crime.

    It was a historic moment in which the US joined other democracies in showing the world it is willing to hold its political leaders to account.
    Other democracies such as China, North Korea and Egypt.

    It also represents an earthquake in a presidential election where poll after poll shows Trump to be the marginal favourite over incumbent Joe Biden, despite the president’s efforts to move the needle. If this doesn’t do it, perhaps nothing will.
    The ‘president’ makes no ‘efforts’ to move any needle, and the polls are irrelevant.
    All they need to do is to deliver truckloads of sudden extra midnight votes from ‘drop boxes’, sign up dementia patients to vote 100% for Biden, and illegally throw the election count observers out while they ‘count’ the ‘votes’, again.

    Sentencing was set for 11 July, just days before the Republican national convention in Milwaukee, where Trump would become the first convicted criminal to be anointed a party presidential nominee. A time traveller visiting from the year 2014 would be staggered.
    Why 2014? That was the year the CIA overthrew the democratically-elected government of Ukraine, if that’s significant?
    But beyond that, anyone who was alive in 2014 already is a time-traveller from 2014, and quite a few of us are not staggered, because we saw this coming.

    Yet the one question that transfixed Washington throughout the seven weeks of the often tawdry trial has been: historians care, journalists care and late-night comedians definitely care, but will it matter to voters?
    Oh, the voters care.
    But the one question that ought to transfix us all is: does the ‘government’ care what the voters care about?
    And I think we all know that the answer is No.

    Trump benefited from the fact TV cameras were not allowed into the courtroom, reducing the drama and spectacle offered by the Watergate hearings or the OJ Simpson trial.
    Trump benefited from the fact TV cameras were not allowed into the courtroom, reducing the drama and spectacle offered by the Watergate hearings or the OJ Simpson trial, and also preventing many millions of voters from seeing first-hand what a corrupt show trial looks like, to Trump’s great benefit.

    Polling has consistently shown that America is polarised and most views of Trump are already baked in. This is, after all, the man who memorably declared that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters.
    The left can’t tell a joke when it sees one, we know that.
    But what’s this crazy obsession with ‘voters’?
    Answer: like the rest of this piece, and I will italicise this for emphasis,it’s a con by The Guardian, designed to make slow-witted people who can’t yet see the fix believe that tortured Democrat pollsters, election wizards and policy strategists are up burning the midnight oil wondering what they can do to win a fair election, rather than (quite plausibly, actually) shagging boys in pizza parlour basements, drinking brandy and cackling at the rubes.

    He faces three further criminal cases, though this may be the only one to unfold before November’s election.
    Say what you like about these cunts, they’re thorough. And brazen.
    They have worked out that if you’re actually going to machine gun the Constitution then – as long as you have the DOJ and the media, and possibly the military, onside – you’re better off doing it publicly and shamelessly, because that conveys power.
    It’s a very big warning sign to those who might be tempted to get involved.

    One of the most recent surveys, from PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist, found that 67% of voters said a conviction would make no difference for them in November’s election, while 76% said a not-guilty verdict would have no impact. About 25% of Republicans said they would be even more likely to vote for Trump if he were found guilty by a jury.
    As though that matters. 185% of Democrats and 270% of independents are going to ‘vote’ for ‘Biden’.
    It’s theatre, you dummies.

    A Quinnipiac University national survey conducted in April found 21% of voters said a conviction would make them less likely to support Trump, while 62% said it would make no difference.
    See above.

    Every vote counts.
    No it doesn’t.

    In 2016, Trump won the presidency by less than 78,000 votes in three states: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In 2020, Biden won the presidency by fewer than 45,000 votes in three states: Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin. That means every issue – from Trump’s guilt to Gaza to the cost of living to bad weather on polling day – matters in the margins.
    I don’t think anyone’s going to lose sleep on the Dem side over a few thousand ‘votes’.

    Clearly the political class thinks so. A parade of Republicans, including the House speaker, Mike Johnson, came to the court to show their fealty to the former president, with most of the fanboys wearing a Trump suit, white shirt and crimson tie.
    A Trump suit?

    This week, it was the turn of the Biden campaign, which deployed the actor Robert De Niro, a man who made his name playing gangsters, declaring Trump to be the biggest gangster of all. In a very New York moment, De Niro became embroiled in a verbal brawl with Trump supporters.
    I’d love to know what they have on this bitter, washed up old ham. I wonder if it relates to his arrest by the French vice squad police all those years ago?’

    The battle between legal teams in the courtrooms may be over, but now stand by for all-out war in the court of public opinion.
    Stand by for actors firing blanks and ‘dying’ theatrically to fight this ‘all out war’ as they pretend there’s a real election at stake, while the actual action goes on behind closed doors.

    The Guardian guides you through the chaos of a hugely consequential presidential election
    Enter your email address
    Ooh you know what I think I’ll pass.

  7. @Jack C

    I still don’t believe Biden will be running in November, regardless of his own opinion on the matter.

    I put £100 on Michelle Obama and another £100 on Gavin Newsom a year or so ago. At the time you could get 40-1 on Big Mike. Not that money matters any more, really.

  8. Grist said:
    “Biden? Can he tie his own shoelaces? I’m full on conspiracy theory here. Obama?”

    Obama always seemed just as much a front-man as Biden. Just that back then they thought they had to look a tiny bit realistic.

  9. As Interested says: “you’re better off doing it publicly and shamelessly, because that conveys power”

    This is certainly a key point. These cases have not just been in-yer-face corrupt, but obviously so. Prominent people throughout the US will know they’ve been put on notice; look at what happened to NY Mayor Eric Adams when he stepped out of line on immigration.

    Thank the Lord for Elon Musk.

  10. I honestly hope Vladimir Putin nukes Washington DC and London, and that these people spend their last minutes on Earth in pants-pissing, cowering fear before they’re flash-fried to a greasy crisp.

    Is that on the ballot?

  11. “Biden’s next move?

    Probably piss or shit himself.”

    Is that before or after he buys another Ice Cream?

  12. Ha ha ha. States Rights? This is the Demcorats we’re talking about. They *LOATH* States Rights. Just look at the screaming hatred whenever the US Supreme Court rules: It’s not in the Constitution, it’s a State matter. They have been doing absolutely everything they can to impose a unitary centralised monolithic single state, and **** the Constitution.

  13. I sneeze in threes

    Trump’s grand plan is on course. If he’s locked up chokey he can’t take part in the early TV debates with sleepy Joe. No debate, then they can’t pull Joe out of the race and sub him with Mike or Gavin.

  14. Bloke in Germany in Portugal

    Does the guardian have a problem with a convicted felon being in charge of the ECB?

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    I still don’t believe Biden will be running in November, regardless of his own opinion on the matter.

    I’ve heard one serious economics commentator say, not wholly tongue-in-cheek, that things are looking so bad with the Federal debt spiralling out of control driven by an expected raise in interest rates over the next few years and the social security fund running out of money that the Dems have decided they don’t want to own the problem and are trying to throw the election.

    Why else would you still have Biden and Harris on the ticket?

  16. Interesting article in New York magazine by Elie Honig, a former Federal and State prosecutor, which includes this extraordinary criticism of the whole case:

    Most importantly, the DA’s charges against Trump push the outer boundaries of the law and due process. That’s not on the jury. That’s on the prosecutors who chose to bring the case and the judge who let it play out as it did.

    The district attorney’s press office and its flaks often proclaim that falsification of business records charges are “commonplace” and, indeed, the office’s “bread and butter.” That’s true only if you draw definitional lines so broad as to render them meaningless. Of course the DA charges falsification quite frequently; virtually any fraud case involves some sort of fake documentation.

    But when you impose meaningful search parameters, the truth emerges: The charges against Trump are obscure, and nearly entirely unprecedented. In fact, no state prosecutor — in New York, or Wyoming, or anywhere — has ever charged federal election laws as a direct or predicate state crime, against anyone, for anything. None. Ever. Even putting aside the specifics of election law, the Manhattan DA itself almost never brings any case in which falsification of business records is the only charge.

    Standing alone, falsification charges would have been mere misdemeanors under New York law, which posed two problems for the DA. First, nobody cares about a misdemeanor, and it would be laughable to bring the first-ever charge against a former president for a trifling offense that falls within the same technical criminal classification as shoplifting a Snapple and a bag of Cheetos from a bodega. Second, the statute of limitations on a misdemeanor — two years — likely has long expired on Trump’s conduct, which dates to 2016 and 2017.

    ( via Michael Tracey @mtracey on X)

  17. Imo Trump will ein the election, but then be denied his win by corrupt ballot vounts same as 2020

    Here’s some humour for the weekend, havr a good one

    in a Kangaroo World

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