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Answering your own question

What’s behind the US tariffs on Chinese EVs and what do they mean for Biden’s re-election chances?

Biden’s re-election being the thing behind the tariffs.

7 thoughts on “Answering your own question”

  1. Well, yes Tim.

    As for Joe’s election chances, I’d argue that Trump can out-tariff him any day of the week.

  2. Does this mean it wasn’t about saving Gaia no matter what the cost? That someone realised that having large numbers of auto workers on the dole out trumps cheap EVs.

    What happens if China builds an assembly plant in Mexico?

  3. Not so sure this is about gaining votes as buying soliciting donations from that paragon of honesty and transparency, the auto workers’ union.

  4. Poli’s buying votes etc? Never.

    “The federal cabinet yesterday approved $103.7 million in subsidies for homeowners who switch from natural gas furnaces to electric heat pumps, but only in British Columbia. The province’s NDP government faces a general election October 19″.

  5. If the point of moving to EV’s is to restrict travel as they are more expensive and the riff-raff can’t afford one then surely the last thing they want is cheap EV’s

  6. Always thought the best use for an EV is for families needing a second car, a small runaround mainly used for local/small trips.

    Biggest drawback when I looked at that a couple of years ago was cost and that most EV’s are mid-size and above vehicles

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