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Electing a non-commie

Ana Eugenia Clemente, a 33-year-old Venezuelan actor, clutched Milei’s new book as she exalted Argentina’s entertainer-in-chief. “I feel a deep hatred for the evil left that damaged my country and feel Milei is a person who has come to save not only Argentina, but the world,” she enthused.

Sounds good, eh?

3 thoughts on “Electing a non-commie”

  1. I remain to be convinced that Milei is for real, or that he will be allowed to do what he says he’ll do if he is for real.

    It seems to me that sovereign governments aren’t actually really very sovereign anyway.

    But the video of him contemptuously ripping down the names of the various bullshit government agencies and shouting ‘Gone!’ or ‘Fuck off!’ or whatever he was shouting brought joy to my heart, either way.

  2. Person in Pictland

    Put not thy trust in princes.

    On t’other hand, putting thy trust in ministries and committees is even dafter.

  3. Perhaps Britain could work out a deal whereby they get Milei and Argentina gets the Falklands.

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