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The official inquiry by Sir Brian Langstaff concluded the pharmaceutical industry’s contaminated product manufactured by subsidiaries of Bayer, Baxter and other drug groups to treat haemophilia did not contain adequate warnings and should never have been licensed.

Diana Johnson, the Labour MP and the chair of all-party parliamentary group on haemophilia and contaminated blood, said: “The pharmaceutical companies need to apologise and there needs to be a claim against them for some of this money.”

If it was the licence that was the problem then it should be those who granted the licence, no?

It’s also worth making another point or two. Hep C, for example, we didn’t even know it existed in the 70s, didn’t have a test until into the 80s. At some point of ignorance the outcome, however appalling and shitty, becomes just one of those things. It’s also true that even if we accept that then there’s still that further point. The scandal here isn’t that shit happens, it’s that shit having happened the establishment blew smoke and backfilled for decades.

Finally, there are those who insist that it was all about neoliberalism and capitalism and using paid donors in the US and all that. And here’s the problem. There’s not one place, not a single country nor health system, that collects enough plasma or blood products without the use of paid donors. Whole blood, yes, but not blood products. Again, jus’ one of those things. Factor VIII means paid donors. As the UK – or the NHS – goes into complete conniption fits whenever money is mentioned this does mean buying from the US. Sorry, but it does.

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  1. As I have pointed out on other blogs but have no reluctance to repeat, the blood thing and the Post Office thing are historical. We are going to end up with lessons have been learned, compo has been paid.

    What we need to concentrate on is what is happening now. What cover-up is currently going on. You can tell what they are by what you are allowed to say, or see. The most obvious being covid-related. You can’t ask how many patients were pushed onto the path of midazolam and death when they might have been treated. You can’t mention the claimed early treatment drugs which were immediately banned even though people with positive covid tests got no treatment at all unless they got bad enough to be hospitalised. If you mention any suspicion of vaccine damage you stand a chance of being cancelled. Andrew Bridgen MP lost the tory whip for that. Mark Steyn was banned by Ofcom. The data which might help with understanding the problem is unavailable. Does it exonerate the vaccine? Wadda you think?

    The whole establishment is covering this up. Government, the medical establishment here and abroad, big pharma, of course, and the mainstream media. In both the case of blood and PO scandals there were attempts by newspapers to bring up the problems. In the case of covid they are engaged in active suppression.

    Happening right now, and the very same folks who are wringing their hands and pointing their fingers over past scandals are involved in a massive cover-up of their own.

  2. The contaminated blood enquiry in France – same products, I assume – was twenty years ago.
    So some people here knew of the danger, yet still covered it up for another twenty years.

  3. rhoda klapp is bang on.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many intelligent people bought the very obvious lies and bullshit about the vaccines.

    They locked us down and forced us to wear masks *on the very boxes of and in which they were sold were the words DO NOT PROTECT AGAINST VIRUSES*, and told us vaccines produced in a tenth of the time of normal vaccines, and no sorry you can’t see any of our data, were the only way out.

    This was after terrifying the simple minded by vastly exaggerating the lethality of the virus, while ignoring actual data from Prof Jay Bhattacharya’s Californian serology study and the (accurate) estimates of John Ioannidis which showed they were out by an order of magnitude.

    They shut down, defamed, fired and traduced scientists, politicians, doctors and academics who dissented, they bought the media, they held daily press conferences to scare you with exaggerated death tolls where they didn’t mention the iatrogenic nature of many, many of the deaths.

    They changed the official definition of ‘vaccine’, they said their own vaccine injury reporting systems, which were set up and maintained at great expense, were suddenly no good, they distorted and finally hid ONS data on excess deaths, they gave the vaccine manufacturers immunity from civil action, they kept their negotiations secret (Von der Leyen literally negotiated multi billion deals for the EU with Pfizer on her personal phone via text, and then deleted the texts), they threatened people with the sack if they refused, they lied about the safety and the efficacy… AND STILL PEOPLE ARE QUEUING UP FOR THEIR NINTH BOOSTER.

    Fucking incredible.

    And I strongly suspect they’re about to do it all over again with ‘bird flu’.

  4. …but everything would have been all right if only the grasping, penny-pinching tories had not refused the money for more biscuits and larger cups of tea!

    Full disclosure, I received a blood transfusion in an NHS hospital in mid 1990, about 15 months before full Hep C screening was in place. I declared it when making my first blood donation in the first quarter of 1992 which was accepted. After my donation count was well into double figures around 2004, I received advice that I should cease donating because of the 1990 transfusion.

    I have never had any health problem suggestive of anything wrong with the blood I received in 1990, so now my guess is that around the mid 00’s there was a bout of displacement activity on the part of people who suspected the scale of the liability and wanted to be seen to be doing something about the issue whether what they were doing made any sense or not.

  5. Thankyou rhoda. Thankyou interested. Far better said than I could. Much much appreciated.

  6. The Meissen Bison

    @philip – Yes indeed, I remember L’affaire du Sang was a huge scandal at the time and thought by the French to be specifically French.

    Of course it turns out that the UK was every bit as culpable of the original error but far more sedulous in covering up the wrong-doing.

    This doesn’t bode well for the Covid fiasco being unmasked in the decades ahead because so many more bad actors were involved in every facet of the scandal.

  7. It was already known ( or a public secret with the People That Knew) that there was something up with blood products in the late ’60’s. Especially the ones for the rarer blood types.

    My mother was but one of many women with a rare-ish blood type who needed some boost after wrestling me out.
    And was summarily struck off the red cross blood donor list as a result, like so many others…
    “nothing to worry, just a prevention…”

    Something similar for “the Blood Disease That Kills” haunting the hallway rumors in hospitals throughout the mid to late ’70’s amongst the nurses, especially around the hospitals in the vicinity of Amsterdam.
    And which prompted extra tests on blood products from the US… But nothing Official.. Nothing To See Here….

    They’ve known about, or at least seriously suspected, Hep and HIV contaminated batches from the US since the early/mid ’70’s.

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