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Fun rhetorical technique

Brexit Britain should not be beholden to a European court. Our Prime Minister appears to be keen to engage in many televised election debates, and I challenge him to debate with me on this issue. If he refuses, that will confirm the fact that Sunak can’t stop the boats.

It’s not only fun it’s a good one too – it works often enough.

4 thoughts on “Fun rhetorical technique”

  1. Farage has crafted a very fine article there. And the point that Sunak has chosen to go now because his total uselessness over the boats is about to become blindingly obvious is more than plausible.

    As ever, though, the boats are a useful side-show. There are also huge numbers entering the country by perfectly legal visa routes.

    God, what a state this country is in….

  2. Sam,
    I reckon that’s the point of the furore over the small boats. It takes up all the bandwidth of the immigration debate so there’s no real discussion over the totally unsustainable levels of ‘legal’ immigration. BBC and the Graun especially love it for that reason.

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